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  1. Hello everyone. I have just noticed a mold colony growing on the under side of my V600's bottom glass. . smack in the middle of a 35mm frame. Luck is still with me as it is in the rebate area of 120 negs.
    Can someone direct me to a "sensible" method of removing the bottom glass for cleaning.? Aloha, Bill
  2. I don't know about the Epson V600, but my Epson V700 has an easily removable glass bed. It has four Phillips-head screws, one at each corner of the plastic frame that holds the glass in place. Just remove the screws and lift the frame to reach the glass.

    Be careful handling the glass, though. I wear white cotton gloves and prefer to clean the glass on days when bright sunlight is shining through a window. The direct light starkly exposes any dust or streaks left by the glass cleaner. Although I've never seen mold on mine, I periodically clean the underside of the glass because the plastic innards of the scanner are outgassing and fogging the glass. This problem was worse when the scanner was new. Now I do it only once a year or less.
  3. I too have a V600, and I’ve had a look. It looks like it is a ‘press together, tear apart’ kind of construction, with fit once snap together fasten8ngs. However, there are a couple of what appear to be glued in clear plastic rectangles covering what may be screws of some kind at the rear of the glass ( see awful tablet photo). Other than that, I think it is a pry it off with a screwdriver job. Good luck. If you succeed, I’d be interested in how you did it, as my glass could do with an internal clean too.

  4. Let me know too. I have been hesitant to try
  5. Tom, I've been considering cleaning the underside of the V700 bottom glass, but I have a download of the manual (same source as Glen_h mentions above) and it refers to very specific spacers beneath the plastic frame or glass, at each of the four screw points. The manual is a little vague on this matter. I assume you popped the plastic screw caps and removed the screws; did you encounter these spacers and/or any issues related to them?

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  6. Rick, I don't remember messing with any spacers. In any case, the spacers wouldn't seem to be a problem. Just make sure they don't move around or fall into the scanner before replacing the glass. It's really a simple operation. The only nervous part is handling the glass.
  7. Thanks, Tom, I'll give it a go.
  8. What do you clean the under side of the glass with? I assume it's "touchy".

    Kent in SD

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