Epson Ultrachrome wide format - labs alberta/BC

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by tim_atherton|2, Sep 1, 2003.

  1. Anyone know of labs in Alberta (or possibly BC) using Eposn 7600/9600
    Ultrachrome printers?


  2. Tim,
    I believe Vistek in Calgary, AB is using an Epson 7600. Their contact details are at:
  3. Tim,

    I just saw last weekend a lightly used (looked that way) 7600 for sale at the Camera Store in Calgary. Not sure if you are interested in buying the printer, but thought I would tell you about it. If not then the folks that work there are up to date on who has the equipment for printing in town. Perhaps give them a call. (ask to speak to Julian)

  4. Here in Vancouver :

    Vancouver Image Works use an Epson 9500 for Hex-tone B+W printing only -

    G. King Photo use the Epson 10000 printer. -

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