Epson scanner V600 quality problems?

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by robert_digrazia, Nov 22, 2018.

  1. I've been scanning color negatives, medium format, at 600 DPI.

    After scanning about a thousand negatives over two years, my V600 decided to paint a narrow vertical yellow band across its output images.

    Has anyone else seen a similar problem?
    Has anyone's V600 had quality problems?
  2. digitaldog

    digitaldog Andrew Rodney

    Sounds like it might be dust on the CCD. Can you post a screen capture?
  3. Here is image (JPG file):
  4. The problem could be caused by dirty optical components. The mirror and lens may need cleaning. My Microtek i900 had the same line but was always green. The one line became about six lines after a while, some thick, some thin. I searched the net and got various solutions to try but only one worked and that was to do a thorough clean

    I did my own scanner experiment/test to see if I could get the line to disappear before cleaning the Microtek. This may work for you, it may not. If your software has "Multi Sampling", set it at "2" or perhaps "3", then wait the extra scan time for the scan to complete and see what you get. If the line disappears, or the line changes in color/thickness/becomes more lines, you will need to do a cleaning of the mirror and lens. Also the front face of the sensor may need a soft gentle wipe with a damp cloth. As well as that, your V600 might have a reflector over the scanner light which will probably need a gentle wipe also

    If the line does disappear with Multi Sampling, that will still be no substitute for cleaning the optics. The line/s with my Microtek didn't go completely until the cleaning job was done
  5. Problem disappeared.
    I turned the scanner off, picked it up, and shook it (gently!), figuring that might dislodge dust. I did not test immediately.
    I left it off for a couple of days.
    I've scanned a couple hundred frames with no weirdness.
    If the cause was dust, I have to wonder how dust manages to reach the CCD.
    By the way, the yellow line appeared on four of six frames in two 3-frame strips, on the second frame in the first strip, and then the three frames on the second strip, skipping the third frame in the first strip.
    (My two-year extended warranty expired three months ago, of course.)
    Incidentally, I asked Epson support about this, and they replied within three hours (!). They advised clicking Reset All in EpsonScan, and testing on "regular paper", neither of which I needed to try.
    Thanks very much for responses.
  6. Problems like this are often due to dust in the calibration area of the scanner.

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