Epson SC-P800 problem(s)

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  1. After upgrading one week ago from an Epson R2880 to the P800 I am going slightly crazy here. I am very familiar with the Epson workflow on their higher end printers and have used them extensively over the past 15 years. Here are my problems.

    1) The paper loads skewed via both the top / standard loader and via the art board front loader. When the later occurs I get a warning box coming up on the LCD prompting me to eject and reload. The design of this front-loading system is simply madness. So unreliable. The top loader takes my paper (usually Canson Baryta or Ilford Gold Fibre Silk) but prints it skewed. I have ruined maybe 15 pieces of large (and expensive) paper so far because of these loading problems!

    2) Borderless printing. On my last attempt it seems despite selecting the paper size as 13"x19" (A3+) via the Epson print driver the printer loaded the paper skewed and also prints to A3 width not to the full width. Could this be something to do with the LCD screen on the printer over-riding the print driver via PS CC? I would assume the opposite is the default?

    Further on from the above front / art paper loading mechanism. I am using large papers (A2 - A3). When I click on the front loading tray to initiate the procedure I push the paper in but when it hits the back loading tray it does not go up into the tray it simply goes out the back. I tried to print with it hanging out the back but that resulted in another paper jam.

    Thanks for any advice you can offer. Also please DO NOT POST THAT ANNOYING VIDEO OF HOW TO LOAD THE ART PAPER VIA THE FRONT LOADER. It is so uninformative and over simplified.

    I switched from the R2880 because of the annoying problem of the printer not recognising mat black ink when printing to mat paper. Right now I would prefer that any day of the week over this P800 problems.
  2. George,

    I own a P800 can can address one of your problems: Art Paper loading. I found this method on the Web some time ago but could not find it again today. Once the front loading tray is in position for loading paper, load the paper FROM THE BACK! Align it to the front of the tray according to the instructions. I use Epson Legacy Etching paper and have had no problems loading that paper since I switched to this method.

  3. That's a good question! It's driving mad. Expensive and not as good as the one I replaced.
  4. Thanks Allyn - I actually worked that one out last night after experimenting with it. What my problem is now is that when I print from the top loader the paper never prints parallel to the edge. I'll try to explain it in words but it's hard to imagine. When I align the paper in the loading tray I position the plastic alignment holder up against the edge. Not too tight but snug as Epson suggests. I also make sure the guide on the higher right side of the paper resting tray is out as it should be for larger papers (I was using 13 x 19 inch / A3+). When the printer initiates the take up of the paper it somehow pushes the aforementioned "plastic alignment holder" slightly to the left each time creating a 5 - 10mm gap to the edge of the paper as it loads. That's why it loads crooked it seems. Ideas?
  5. Most of the issues associated with epson are related to drivers, so in order to fix major issues,an Epson 0x97 Fix Patch can fix major issues.

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