EPSON RX300 and RX800 comparison

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by olli.pekonen, Jan 6, 2005.

  1. I'm currently wondering between EPSON RX300 and RX800 printers. The
    price of RX800 is almost double of the 300, but it seems to feature
    several more advanced features.

    I plan to use the printer to print out circa 10 images a week in A4
    size, taken with Canon EOS20D, modified in Photoshop CS. I want good
    quality and low volume.

    Especially I wonder if the ink cartridges of the new models of Epson
    will be maintained over the years - will they be available in some
    years' time? What has been the longevity of ink cartrides in older
    Epson models?
  2. I've seen Epson inks available as much as 5 to 10 years out at places that stock them well.
  3. I own the R300 and am quite satisfied with it. I have had some difficulty with bw printing coming out with a green hue especially in florescent lighting. Its fairly easy to adjust with the advanced color sliders or I could find a really good icc profile. I didn't see a need for a seperate monitor and that reduced cost a lot, I knew I'd be printing from my desktop system and not direct from camera. Don't know what other features are different between them. Printing on CD/DVD media is nice but can take days to dry. Not hours - days.

    I print about the same, ~10 8x10s a week from my 20D with no problems and depend on that printer greatly.
  4. You also might want to look at the R200. It's the same as the R300 they just took out the card-printing abilities.
  5. Thanks for all the comments on RX300.

    What about RX800?

    How special are its "special" inks like the gloss control?
    What kind of life span does one expect to see for a printer
    with so many inks. I assume that the printer is usable even though
    not all inks are available in the future.

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