Epson 7600 backlit film

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by jon_malis, Apr 15, 2005.

  1. Does anyone know of any sort of duratrans-like/backlit film for the Epson 7600? I've got
    a series of digital images I'd like to mount on top of custom-built lightboxes for an
    undergrad. exhibition I'm currently working on, but have beeen unable to find any suitable
    surface I can make the prints on. They're going to be quite large (approx. 20x40), and
    thus I'd prefer to print them myself on my photo program's 7600 as opposed to having to
    send out to have them made.

    I'd appreciate it if anyone either has any experience in this or if y'all know of any good
    media to use. Thanks!
  2. rmi

  3. Epson makes an excellent backlit film... called "backlight film" Rolls
    only I think. I have used it a couple of times on a 7600. Prints very well

    John LaPorte
  4. I am also trying to print a large backlit image but the blacks are very transparent. I will try epson again but I was almost sure that they said that Epson, had discontinued their backlit film about a year after the 76/9600 came out.

  5. I had just printed on an HP z3100 with both Kodak Universal Backlit and Kodak Reversal Backlit. Both came out very
    contrasty - lost alot in the shadows and also the blacks are never really black. Something like 5% grey. A little grainy too.
    It's 'good enough' but not anywhere near as nice as Duratrans.

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