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  1. Hope this is the right posting spot. I'm getting ready to return my second Epson 750MPro Scanner tomorrow. For the life of me, I cannot get the drivers to upload. Even Epson support couldn't help. I believe the problem is Vista, but I just couldn't spend any more time on this problem...I've tried everything. QUESTION: Are there any other decent scanners for 4x5 negatives???? I'm tired of paying the high prices for scanning services. Thanks for any suggestions!
  2. I wonder what exactly is your problem... What does it mean "to upload drivers"? I used this scanner in all flavors of Vista (32 and 64 bits) and currently it works on Win7 RC (both 64 and 32 bits) without any problems. There were at least 5-6 re-installations of drivers in total. I am using it with SilverFast (both 64 and 32 bits), which you should have in the package. This is quite good scanner for MF and 4x5. I have drum scanner too, and could tell that Epson is quite decent when compared to it, especially for negatives.
  3. My suggestion...without wanting to start a PC vs MAC war, is for you to get a Mac. I use both PCs and Macs, and there's a reason Macs are preferred by artists...
  4. I would keep the scanner and return the computer with Vista installed on it. I had the same issue with my new Vista installed laptop not with scanners, but with printers. I specifically bought this laptop so that I could print on the road using either one of my 2 portable printers. Unfortunately, I could not properly download the printer drivers to my computer due to Vista compatibility issues.
    I contacted the Computer manufacturer(Dell) and they told me to contact the Printer manufacturers since they could only help me under my warranty, if I was using Dell printers. I contacted the Printer manufactures and they both sent me to their website where I could download Vista compatible drivers which I did.
    Still no luck. I could only print using the Microsoft photo editing package that came with the laptop, but could not print using the printer manufacture software ? The thing is, I never had those problems with Microsoft XP.
    Now I'm thinking of ditching the laptop and purchasing a very inexpensive Notebook that has Microsoft XP on it and save myself allot of headaches and sleepless nights.
    I have the Epson V750MPro and other than tediously calibrating it to my scanner and printer occasionally, I had no problems with this scanner whatsoever. I specifically bought it so that I could scan 120 and 4X5 film for which it does a pretty good job. Even with 35mm film it does an adequate job, depending on the negative of course.
  5. The V750 is an excellent scanner, especially for the price. I'm pretty certain there is nothing wrong with the scanner, and it definitely works under Vista.
    Go on to the Epson site, and download the latest drivers. Make sure you are an administrator, or have administrative rights before you try to install the software. Turn off any anti-virus software, and then you should be able to install the software.
    If you are still stuck with the Epson drivers, you can try some alternate software - like Vuescan. It is free to try, and will at least help prove whether the scanner itself is ok. You can download it here.
  6. There is a regular sequence like set up the scanner first, connect, but don`t turn it on. Load software. Then turn on scanner. Consult the instruction book.
    microsoft is constantly screwing around patching the software and the drivers may not be compatable. They have the arrogant attitude everyone has to update their software and then get it approved by them for things to work. I am fairly certain this is part of the reason Nikon got out of the scanner business. I still have XP and will not update it and bought Macs for photowork. Now call me a happy camper.
  7. Do what everyone else has done. Get really frustrated with Vista ditch it and go back to XP waiting for Microsoft to get their act together again. There is probably some trick to making it work. Like download the driver then restart the computer then delete the old driver then restart the computer then load the new driver then restart the computer then plug in the scanner then restart the computer then run the software then restart the computer then check for a bios flash for the scanner then restart the computer then flash it then restart the scanner then restart the computer then restart the scanner again. It wouldn't surprise me but maybe it isn't that tough.
  8. If you have Norton running that is probably your problem. It fights with lots of programs when you try and install.
  9. Switch to apple and smile forewer!
    My 2 cts. Armin
  10. The 750 also works great with my Vista 64 set up. I did have a problem with my Epson printer not working using a firewire cable. Had to use the USB cable instead (apparently Vista is having trouble with its firewire ports and some Epson products). I hope you get this resolved because the scanner is excellent (I was so impressed with the 4x5 B&W scans that I'm back using my view camera)!

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