Epson 4990 compared to v700 (and v750)?

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by juke, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    It is finally time to say good bye to my trusty old Epson 3200 flatbed scanner.

    But which scanner to buy now? Epson 4990 is quite cheap but old. Epson v700 is expensive but really good. v750 is out of budget.

    I have done quick test between my 3200 and v700 that I had access.
    The result is clear. v700 is way better than my old scanner. In both, sharpness and dense areas.

    My main need for scanner is to get MF and LF B&W negatives to web, which can be done perfectly with old 3200. The 3200 has dmax around 2.9 and typical negative has densest highlight somewhere around 1.8

    I also have to scan all my MF color work for printing. This does not happen very often but this is where my 3200 really sucks. Actually I think that reason why I haven't done much color MF photography for couple of years is simple because I cannot get good scans from them.
    For LF, I don't even think color slides before I have decent scanner.

    Now I am asking have anyone done similar test between 4990 and v700/v750 that I have done between 3200 and v700.

    If such test exist, it would show clearly how much difference there is between 4990 and v700.

    I have google'd a lot. There are comparisons, but I have found a single one where dense areas are compared and shown. Usually the sample pictures are also so tiny that it's hard to judge anything.


  2. I found this website very helpful when researching scanners. I went with the V750 and have been very happy with it - even 35mm negs look great. My medium and large format scans are stunning. I also really like the film holders for medium and large format film. The 35mm holders can be troublesome if your film is a bit curled.
  3. Hi Alex,
    Photo-i reviews give a lot of good information. The only thing that is really missing is comparison of shadow areas of the color slide film.
    Unfortunately that is what I am looking for.
  4. I found this scanner comparison study to be very thorough in showing their differences from highlights to shadow detail.
    Check out the Microtek Artxscan M1 the newest flatbed entry.
  5. Where are you finding a 4990 for cheap? The few remaining ones (it's now discontinued) sell for just about as much as the newer models.
  6. I'll check the link, Tim.
    Michael, I don't find any new 4990. But used 4990 are cheap when compared to v700.

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