Epson 4870: wet scanning/custom mounts

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by david_simonds, Nov 29, 2004.

  1. Friends, I have an Epson 4870 on the way for my 6x6 chromes. During
    my research I saw references to a wet scanning technique similar to a
    drum process. And some used custom mounts/anti Newton glass as well.
    I have not been able to find any partcular "how to" information. I
    would appreciate hearing from anyone who has used this technique-
    successfully or not. Recommendations for supplies (some suggested a
    gel of some sort) and mounts would be appreciated as well. Thanks as
  3. Thanks, Jack. Have you used this system, and to what effect?
  4. David,

    No I havent. But Julio is active on the two lists Doug mentioned. Also there one list member called Ernst who was one of the first is not the first to do wet mounting on a flatbed. But will be able to help you.

    You might also want to read this:
  5. i would reflect about using new epson f-3200 instead. epson said a tphotokina its better. or microtek i700 or i900 or plustek opticpro st-64(13x18cm). i will most probably get the plustek and will start scanning colornegative-panoramas(long stripes)
  6. PERCHLORETHYLEN is used when scanning real film(movie). i have not yet experience. lets see if we(me and julio) could find a wet-scan-solution for the plustek st-64 using extremely long panoramic stripes.
    i could not scan very long panoramic stripes along side because the "calibrating" window was confused. thats why i must mount them sideways along the smaller side(13 cm).
    in plustek opticpro st-64(200 usd)i can only scan 13cm or the 13x18cm-window. a holder must be used to keep film flat. without film will be bent at the glass-border(s) resulting in colorcasts there. this could cause problems when stitching. maybe this could be overcome by simply more overlapping. btw:sensational new stitching tool (also mosaics) needs more overlapping than panorama factory
  7. Yeah, Michael.... What planet did you say you were from...?
  8. planet of innovations.

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