Epson 4000 troubles

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by meisterman, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. I have been fighting the problems with my Epson 4000 for about two weeks now.
    4 calls to Epson and no relief.
    I do have the extended warranty and they said they will replace it for me as I
    live about 75 miles from the nearest service center.
    Anyway when printing large prints I get lighter then darker horizontal bands
    across the print area. They look as if the printer is printing the areas
    lighter then a bit darker and then back lighter. This goes through the whole
    print. The dark and light bands are about 3/4" wide each.
    It has been very frustrating and I have done eveything I can think of to solve
    the problem. So does anyone have any ideas of have had the same issue with
    thier 4000 printer.
    Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. I have the same problem with a 2400 printer.I sent the printer back to Epson service center and they had cleaned it upon which it was working fine they said.They also sent a picture as a proof with it.
    Then I was checking it out,only to find that the problem remained the same.As the proof was done on Epson matte paper and they claimed that I should use only Epson(which is quite a joke)I tried the Epson matte paper with a good result.
    Therefore only Epson paper should be used which is a total nonsense because the printer is done for all kinds of paper.These people are cheating and I don't know why.
    I have tried several methods including extensive cleaning without success.The result is that I can use only Epson matte paper if I want it to run fine.Now I have given up and I ordered the Canon ipf5000.Hope it works fine.
    Nota bene:I have an old ugly cheaty Epson 1270 which never gave me the slightest problem.Epson should pinch its nose and should seriously advice its customers about the nature of a obvious problem.
    But sorry for not being able to help you,I wanted to air a bit my anger.
    If you know the answer to the problem,let me kindly know,I'll be gratefull.
    Ed Junker
  3. Also the Chip reading technology really sucks on 4000. While head cleaning, Light Cyan ink was out, so I replaced it with a new ink. As I lowered the lever, the printer reported "unknown ink cartridge" for "matte black" which was 70% full. Matte BK is in slot #1 and Lt Cy in slot #6.

    You buy ink to print and this stupid printer takes 40% for cleaning itself. Once it even clogged during printing...worst yet it damages the chip itself. Why do Epson make things complicated when they don't know what they are doing. Epson 4000 is a noble approch from a company who rates them too high for nothing.
    The funniest story is:
    Once the printer had me change "yellow cartridge" and after two days suddenly it couldn't read the new cartridge. I thought I needed to make sure the "ink reader" is good, so I put back the old yellow cartridge hoping I would see "ink out" message. Instead I saw it read Epson Genuine Ink 5%... It seems like you keep the ink in closet for two days and 5% ink is back to the cartridge. And Epson 4000 had me change yellow in the middle of a 8.5x11 print!

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