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Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by barry_vangrov, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. I'm about at wits end trying to figure this out. My Epson 3880 prints beautifully but when I print using 17" wide paper the printer cuts off the image and prints only the bottom 8 1/2" leaving the top half of the paper unprinted. I'm printing out of PS C4. My image size in PS is 16" x 20". These are my print settings on the printer:
    Under Paper Settings: Source = sheet; Size = 17" x 22"
    Under Page Layout: Paper Size:17" x 22", Output Paper: "same as paper size", Reduce/Enlarge: Off, Optimize Enlargement: Off
    I don't have any problem printing at any other paper width (8.5 x 11, 11.7 x 16.5 and 13 x 19) all print just fine. The printer is just a couple of months old and I printed a few 17" wide images when I first got the printer with no problem. Then this issue started happening and I can't figure out if I messed up a setting or what's going on.
    Any help here much appreciated.
  2. Not yet. I'm thinking its just a setting somewhere that I must have changed without being aware of it because it worked just fine until lately. I'm hoping some one here knows what it is before I go to my next step to put back all of the settings to factory default and start over. Then I'll go to tech support if I need to.
  3. If you're printing from PS, make sure that both image size (noted) and PAPER size in PS field are correct. When I use PS, it overrides my HP printer settings.
  4. Randall has the explanation for your problem.
    After the print file is spooled out completely, go and see what is the final paper size.
    What system do you use ?
  5. Thanks for the responses but unfortunately paper size in PS isn't the problem (or why not the same problem using 13"x19" paper?). I also tried printing out of Capture NX2 and have the same issue.
    Not sure exactly what you mean by what "system"?
  6. My Epson 3880 prints beautifully but when I print using 17" wide paper the printer cuts off the image and prints only the bottom 8 1/2" leaving the top half of the paper unprinted.​
    When you say the 'top half' which bit do you mean exactly. Do you mean that only the first 8.5 inches of the paper, as it comes out of the printer, to the full 17 inches wide are printed and the rest is not or do you mean that one side is not printed (left or right as you face the printer) full the full length of the sheet of paper?
  7. The 2nd. Printer prints the full 22" length but only the 1/2 of the 17" dimension (the right side as you face the printer). So if I let it print out I'd get a 8.5 x 20 image with the top of the image cut off instead of the full 16 x 20 image.
  8. Thanks for the help - I got with Epson tech support on the phone and they straightened it out (so far, anyway). Something to do with the "Enable Advanced Printing Features" setting. Weird thing is email tech support told me to turn it off but tech support on the phone turned it back on. I'm still not sure what happened but I took screen shots of all of the correct settings for future reference.
  9. Ignore the previous post that the problem was fixed. This time it's really fixed, so for anyone using Epson Exhibition Fiber Paper with a Pro 3880 printer, here's the final solution to my problem - after 2-3 hours of Epson tech support (which is the best I've ever worked with, by the way) and trying every possible solution (Epson was this close to just sending me a new printer): Turn off Paper Size Check under the printer menu. That's all it was. The problem turned out to only be when printing with Exhibition Fiber Paper , which is quite a bit thicker than most digital papers, and only when using the 17" wide paper. I think a made Epson tech support history.
  10. Barry, good to know and thanks for the follow up explanations. Doing so could help someone in the future. Glad you were able to resolve the issue.
  11. Barry, I had the same issue with 8.5x11 paper and wasted about 10 sheets. It must be a problem with the ICC Profile. Thanks for solving!
  12. I have the same problem on the Epson 3880, in LR 5.7.1 on my Macpro, running Yosemite, when I switch from printing 13x19 to Letter size. It appears that the printer attempts to still print to 13x19 even though letter/ 8.5x11 is selected. This happend only in Lightroom, not in Photoshop. The problem occasionally corrects itself for reasons I have not been able to identify
    I have contacted Epson and Adobe support but there were not able to help
    I have tried the following:
    1. Reinstall Printer Drivers
    2. Reinstall Lightroom
    3. Reset Printer system (Mac)
    4. Print to other size paper formats
    5. Print from a new catalog in Lightroom.
    6. Print paper size check on and off
    7. Print letter w/ auto expand boardersless, and normal settings
    8. Power cycle printer/computer
  13. I accidentally found one way to correct the problem. Not sure how repeatable it is. It seems that if I am having problems printing to 8.5x11, I then select a different size print e.g. 11x14, and then print to this size. Then switch back again to 8.5x11, the printer then correctly prints at the correct location on the page. I doesn't make much sense since switching to a different sized format is what caused the problem in the first place.
  14. Thank you, Barry, for tracking down the solution but most of all for coming back and posting it here. I ran into the same problem today, as I was scrambling to make a number of prints to take on a trip. Your solution of turning off the paper size check on the printer's menu worked for me, at least so far. I'm using Red River San Gabriel, which is also a somewhat heavier paper and I'm using hand-cut roll paper since Red River was out of stock on sheet paper in 17 x 22 so the paper isn't as flat as might be desired, which may also be causing issues.

    For those who may be confused, the setting we're talking about is right on the actual printer's menu, not anywhere on the computer you are using to send files to the printer. It took me a few moments to figure that out.

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