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Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by alec_holst, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. i just got a epson 3200 and started scanning some 6x6 negs and 35mm
    slides, so far so good. one question though, i scanned (just testing
    it out) at the highest resolution which is 12800 dpi, the file comes
    out to be 11050 x 16213 and like 500+mbs. Thats a 36 x 54 inch print
    at 300 dpi. Can that actually be right or am i missing something
    here? Has anyone made a print anywhere near that size with good
    results. I have a scandual IV for 35mm stuff and got the epson
    mainly for 6 x 6 and was under the impression that dedicated film
    scanners offered better quality compared to flatbeds, but my
    scandual doesnt create images anywhere near those sizes. thanks.
  2. Dont confuse file size and dpi with final print quality. My Ep3200 file sizes are huge and slow down my pc. But the little 600kb scans i get for 95Cents from a pro lab in Atlanta produce much,much sharper prints up to about 6" x6" above which they become jaggie.
    Hope that helps.
  3. Those sizes are achieved through interpolation in the scan driver. Don't bother scanning beyond 3200 or maybe 6400 at most as you can probably do better interpolating in the editor.
  4. Your scanners optical resolution is only 3200 dpi. It's best to stick with that as your highest resolution.
  5. BTW, whats the optical resolution of Canon 9950F?
  6. oh ok thanks, i didn't know they were being interpolated, not that i would ever need to scan something at 12800 dpi.
  7. Alec,

    The Epson 3200 flatbed scanner has a stated resolution of 3200dpi. It's real resolution is much, much lower than that.

    So, for a smaller file size, try scanning at 2400dpi. Try it and compare will those at 3200dpi. The E3200's scans are a little soft, so a sharpener like Nik Sharpener Pro will do magic on your scans.

    Good luck.
  8. I just use the 360 dpi setting, and set my image size for above my maximum. Its easy from there, just get into a workflow and use it religiously
  9. i'm getting good enough scans for web and pc use but whats the max size you guys print at?
  10. Well, I printed a Provia 100F 6x6 from my Yashicamat 124 at 44"x36" and it's stunning.

    Of course, resolution requirements are different when printing that big..but I feel I could easily go 11x14 with that scan.

  11. Oops. I meant 16x20. Of course, I don't have anyway of printing that big right now in color (other than with our giant Epson 9600 at work), but I'm pretty sure I could get out that far.

    Depends a lot on the image, of course. Big, smooth tones, which lend themselves well to both the larger negative and the type of scanning, make for much easier large enlargements.


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