Epson 2400 and Lightroom: Color prints very dark

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by divie, May 6, 2007.

  1. Hi,
    i have been trying for days now to get my color prints from LR to a Epson 2400
    to work. I have no problem to print the same photos in PS CS2 and CS3. I do the
    usual stuff, 1.) choose the paper profile in LR or CS3, 2.) switch off color
    management, 3.) choose the correct paper. when i do this in LR the prints are
    very dark, the color tends to be redish and a lot of ink is used. Doing the same
    in CS3 works w/o problems.
    I use a MacPro with Intel Processor and OS X. I downloaded the correct driver
    for intel based comps.
    Any idea to fix this is appreciated?
  2. As I'm fairly new to the Mac platform, I can say, I have had the same problems. I'm still
    getting used to the mac functionality, and workflow. I was just messing around in LR, and
    made a print using the "Colorsync" option. It was spot on...I'm still trying to figure all of this
    out, but if Colorsync works consistently, it will be a nice easy way to print.

    It looks promising so far, but I will have to explore it further before I say I'll be using it
  3. Something rong with your profile choice or the way you set your print in Lr...i have the same
    good result in all 3 software myself.

    Whats is your option in Lr, can you do a captur screen.

  4. I de-installed LR and installed it again. same result. although, I select the correct profile for my paper and choose the right options it wouldn't print correctly. Maybe it helps you that the preview does not look like it really switches of printer color management.
  5. a capture screen will help me better, or a super precise detail info.

    Many people tell me that they have done everything, they ceck everything, and when i see a capture screen, well...they are all over the place, except the right one : )

    Also using colorsync is NOT the right way to print. You didtn mention either if your screen was calibrated using a device. What printer? what paper? Mac/PC? Beta or Release?
  6. I don't use colorsync. computer is a new macpro. i use the lr release, printer is epson r2400. paper is enhanced matte. with the same settings I can print from CS3 w/o any problems. I'll put some screen shots in here later. Thanks, Dirk
  7. Your settign should and must look like that.
  8. and in your Epson driver_PRINT SETTING
  9. and in your Epson driver_COLOR MANAGEMENT
  10. I was just messing around in LR, and made a print using the "Colorsync" option"

    I was refering to this sentence.

    Also, do you have a calibrated screen? with a device i mean?
  11. yep, same settings ...
  12. printer settings ...
  13. color management ...
  14. preview in LR
  15. preview with good printing in CS3 ...
  16. yes, i do calibrate my display with a one eye from gretag-macbeth.
    Thanks for your help. D.
  17. Hi Patrick,
    i just found my problem. There was still a part of an old printer driver hiding that didn't like the Intel processor on my mac. after resetting the printer utility, hunting for "R2400" named files and re-installation of the newest driver, it seems to work just fine. the mac system seems to be kinda sensitive to remaining files. some packages you have to uninstall, some just to delete ... i wish i could work on the command line just like on my good old sparc :) Thanks, D.

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