Epson 2200: Canvas paper suggestions?

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by william_carter|1, Jun 4, 2003.

  1. Anyone have recommendations of canvas papers to try with the 2200?
    Also, I've never printed worked with canvas before -- anything I
    should know (e.g., in some of the searching I've done, I've seen
    references to "pre-stretched" canvas -- but I don't know what
    stretching is, why you do it, etc.)? And how do you mount your
    canvas? For paintings I've seen them stapled to wooden frames -- I
    assume this is something a frame shop could do?

  2. OK, You made me wonder why Epson does not have a canvas paper option for the 2200. I have 2 9600's and 3 different types of canvas I print on with them so I made a few 8.5 x 11 sheets of the stuff and gave it a try. Big problem! The rollers on the output side of the paper make tracks acroos the still wet ink (canvas takes a while to dry, unlike the photo papers). So, I can't see any way to not have the print get ruined by the rollers. The 7600/9600's don't have that problem because there are no rollers that contact the media after the print head does it's job.

  3. Why do you want to print on canvas? What do you intend to do with it afterwards? Do you just want a canvas texture? Why?
    I'm an artist and I've been experimenting with printing on artist's canvas so I can paint on it afterwards to combine paint and inkjet for mixed-media works. See my research at:
    Printing on Canvas
    Printing on Canvas with InkAID
  4. First of all...great info Peter! Thanks for sharing that.
    Ronald...same problems here as well. I just got the Epson 2200 and tried out the Fredrix Glossy Canvas Cloth that was sent to me as part of a sample packet from Fredrix Canvas.

    I got HUGE streaks all up and down the final print. I called into Epson technical support and the lady there thought it was a printer head problem and to clean them. Obviously that didn't work. And yes, it was those roller-bars that totally pulled the ink off the final print.

    I have a friend who has the Epson 1270 and has been printing on canvas cloth with great success. I found out one of the reasons why I got streaks. Besides what you mentioned, Ronald, I also found out that because of the "gloss" on the treated canvas cloth, the pigmented ink/inkjet ink, is unable to absorb quickly. My friend discovered that if you want to print on canvas cloth, you need to order the Water Resistent Art Canvas with a matte finish. This is the link he gave me: I'm currently waiting for my sample canvas cloth to try out.

    I'm focused on printing on the canvas cloth because I'm planning on going back into the print, like Peter is, to highlight or add to prints of my paintings. I also want to be able to stretch the prints onto stretcher bars. My friend has been doing this with great success. Hopefully I will be able to, too, with the Epson 2200.

    Anyways, to get the final glossy look to the painting, he suggests using a UV Acrylic Spray.

    I'm glad I found this msg board because at least I know I"m not the only one out there that got those streaks. Any other suggestions on printing on canvas cloth would greatly be apreciated too. Thanks

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