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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by aaron_beck, Mar 16, 2004.

  1. hi there, i'm new to this site, and new to canon's 300d... i recently got the 300d and it has taken over my life... had it for just over one month, took nearly 3000 photo's, and now it's off getting fixed... just wouldn't turn on one day. just wondering if anyone has some tips for macro shooting techniques. i can't afford the mpe-65, but have found the 18-55 efs to be pretty damn good when reversed [see my pics], i have a home made reverse adapter to preserve lens contacts... i can recommend making the effort to make up an adapter [i used a 13mm marumi extension tube for the camera end and a cut up lens ass-cap for the lens end], or getting the novoflex... same lens for high-mag macro, and wide angle to standard... sweet as! has anyone had much experience with reversed ef lenses? i'm thinking about getting a prime to increase sharpness, and have found that lenses give softer images as you go wider, ie: a 35mm is razor sharp, but 18mm on the zoom is pretty soft... any tips? sorry if this is confusing, basically i just want to find out if image softness is proportional to how wide a lens you use... cheers, aaron.
  2. Congratulations on your enterprising approach! I think you will find the following link interesting for its information on lens alternatives including reversed lenses, stacked lenses and macro lenses. The site also has a well labelled gallery so you can assess image quality for the different setups.

  3. Could you post some picture of your homemade adapter?
    I was thinking about building one myself.
    Thanks !
  4. i will when my camera gets fixed bro!
  5. Gotcha, good point :)
  6. I do a lot of macro shots, mostly electronics and other non moving non creepy items :) Nice photo, that thing must of looked like a B movie when taking the shot :)
  7. Very cool, Aaron, I'm impressed! You should check out Mark Plonsky's stuff on this site if you haven't run across him yet. He does excellent macro work with a reversed lens (maybe not EOS though...). Check under Community/Directory.

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