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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by bern_wilson, Nov 23, 2009.

  1. Hi Does anyone have or know of the ES-E1 CD and cable for sale? Really need it.....
  2. Ben, the difficult bit is the cable, and you'll simply have to find one of those to achieve communication between the camera and the computer. I'm not sure if Canon still list the 1V at all, but I seem to remember that they discontinued availability of the ES-E1 kit some time ago, at a point where the 1V itself was still listed. Since connecting the 1V to a computer is the only way to access some of its capabilities, that was a rather strange thing to do. So I think you'll be looking at buying s/h, by whatever means.
    If you can find a cable, the software is not a problem, so you don't need to turn down a cable-only offering. There were two (PC) versions, and I don't know if the second version ever made it to distribtion disks rather than just being an updater. You can apply the updater to an installation of the first version, or you can put a first version installation disk (original or a copy) into your CD drive as a "key disk" and the updater will then run. I don't know if you can do the same trick as for the digital camera software of just putting a few entries in the registry to fake the presence of a previous installation and then running the updater, but it would not surprise me. If the updater is no longer available from Canon's website then some kind soul (me, for example) will surely let you have a copy. Although it is many years since I sold my 1V (and ES-E1 kit), I keep the software handy to allow me to access the shooting data downloaded from the camera.
  3. Robin thanks for taking the time to reply in such depth. I have downloaded the version 1.3 updater but am unsure if it is installable on its own or requires the presence of an original CD version. I was kinda waiting to see if I could locate a cable first. As you mention that is a key component. Is the cable a straight-through device or is there electronics in the cable? Thanks for the subtle offer of a copy!
  4. Bern (sorry I misread your name) if you have the 1.3 updater then you could try installing by first setting up the registry keys to pretend that 1.1 is already present. The relevant bit of the registry looks like this
    ______EOS LINK ES-E1
    __________PATH REG_SZ C:\Program Files\Canon\EOS LINK ES-E1
    ____________PATH REG_SZ C:\Program Files\Canon\EOS LINK ES-E1\CFn Combination
    ____________PATH REG_SZ C:\Program Files\Canon\EOS LINK ES-E1\PFn Combination
    Note that you'll probably also need to create the folders that the keys point to. If that doesn't work and you don't get a CD with the cable, let me know.
    The cable includes a little pod of electronics; AFAIK there is no workround for it, you've just got to have the real thing.
  5. Hi Bern,
    If you are still looking for this i can offer you the product.
    It has been used over three months a few years back and then back into it's box and stored.
    It has all the original paperwork n software disc, and is in new condition.
    I am new in this forum, and I am not sure of the etiquette on this site regarding sales/offers/money, so apologies if i offend in any way, however I would be happy to discuss an offer if you would like to make a suggestion. I would be happy to meet you if you are in Sydney to you can verify it's condition/performance or suitability too.
    Its original price is $399 (from fletchers sydney before they shut).
    Ok, i hope this help you, let me know i can send a pic or two to satisfy your curiosity or as a safeguard.
    Regards, Justin.
  6. Well pal , i guess you don't need it that much hey.
    In my experience, a polite action would be some sort of response, i pulled it out of the cupboard, made a pic n posted it for you.
    cheerio then, jd.
  7. Hi Justin,
    I'm interested.
  8. I'm interested as well.
  9. I'm also interested in this kit (soft + cable).
    If someone has it for sale at good price, please contact me.
  10. Bought one on eBay. Had to buy it as part of an EOS-1V kit that included camera, PB-E2 booster, NC-E2 charger, 3 NP-E2 batteries, ES-E1 software w/cable, all the manuals, and a few misc. items. All for $697.99. Turned around and sold the EOS-1V body for $479.95. Body was in excellent shape. Not a bad deal as the final cost for booster, batteries, charger and ES-E1 kit was about $280 (which includes eBay & PayPal fees for selling the camera). Just a week ago a full ES-E1 boxed package sold for $405. Earlier in the year there was a ES-E1 kit (unboxed) that sold for about $150. Keep looking. This package shows up from time to time but prices can vary.
  11. Heads up. Another one just became available on eBay. Not from me. I'm keeping mine. Starting price is $200.
  12. There's 2 actually, one at .99 cents ... but they will go above $400 each, I've been watching, however I was able to snag a "buy it now" one for $250 so at least for now I have the cable, it was useful and also made me realize that one roll actually had an extra photo that the processor never printed haha. It is a process to get each image linked to the info though, and I can't find a way to add the info as metadata to the actual JPG file.. .anyone know if this is possible somehow?
  13. A Canon ES-E1 Data Link replacement is available at www.meta35.com .
  14. Wow that's awesome! I have the ES-E1 cable but this software seems much better than the cabin software, plus works on
    modern computers and apparently imbeds the metadata, pretty cool.

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