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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by mike dixon, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. Can anyone recommend a store in Fukuoka, Japan, which has a good selection of
    EOS lenses and reasonable prices? I've been to Fukuoka several times, and I'm
    somewhat familiar with the Tenjin/Canal City/Hakata station area, though
    explicit directions would be greatly appreciated. I'm going to be traveling to
    Japan in about a week, and I strongly suspect I'll find better prices there than
    here in Korea.

    I recently crippled my 50/1.4 (a good whack, and it no longer focuses closer
    than 1.5 meters), and I need another 50 while it's out of service. I hope to
    get a 50/2.5 macro, but a 50/1.8 will do if I can't find that.
  2. Dear Mike,

    I've been to Kitakyushu (just north of Fukuoka) recently and I was quite disappointed by
    the pricing of Canon equipment in one of the larger electronic stores. B&H was at that time
    well 40% below the Japanese pricing. Funny, since Canon actually has a production plant in
    Oita on Kyushu Island.

    From Wikipedia I have following clip regarding Fukuoka:

    In case you are into cameras, computers or other electronics, you can find a huge
    Yodobashi Camera store right outside of Hakata station. Go out to the eastern side of the
    JR station (Chikushi Gate). You will find it in the second block on the right hand side.


    Good luck,

  3. Stephan, thanks for the information. On the Yodobashi website, it appears the 50/2.5 is about 20 - 25% more than B&H. But if you need the lens, you need the lens . . .

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