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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by ampoy31, Jul 5, 2003.

  1. im interested in purchasing a used DSLR. the unit is described as
    having 22,000 actuations. then i was told that only 2000 shots have
    been taken with the unit. can somebody clarify the
    differences/correlations between the two? any help is appreciated.

  2. In a word, no. One shutter activation = one shot in my book.

    I'm not sure there's actually any way for the user to tell how many frames have been shot (how many shutter cycles). If you have the camera set to number each frame sequentially you can tell, but at least on the 10D you can also set a mode where the counter resets to zero each time you change the CF card.
  3. There's no way to tell that I know of. On the 10D, if the previous owner has been kind enough to always use continous numbering, it will not reset until 99,999 exposures. But it is very easy to reset this.
    I haven't ever owned an SLR that would allow you to determine this by the way. My medium format camera does have a non-resetable counter so you know how many shots have been taken in its lifetime.

    Does anyone know BTW how many shutter actuations the EOS cameras such as the 10D are engineered to survive?
  4. The pro shutters (1v, 1Ds) are rated for 100,000 cycles, though some have been tested for 400,000 without failure.

    The shutter on the "prosumer" models (Elan, 10D etc.) have a lower rating. I forget whether it's 30,000 cycles or 50,000 cycles. Of course a few will fail much earlier and some will fail much later.

    There may be an internal shutter counter on some models, but the data is only retrievable by Canon when they use the dignostic system used to service the camera.

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