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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by michael.gregory, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. Has anyone tested the 7D after the firmware update to confirm the claimed more images before slowdown?
  2. Yes. They would have no reason to lie about it, you know? Thousands of people on the internet would've called them out if they had done so. Of course, you have to have sufficiently fast memory ...
    That's only one of the improvements, too. Be sure to download V2.0.3, not V2.0.0.
  3. My 7D shows the extra buffer size in the viewfinder. Number went from 15-18 to 23+ on most occasions.
    Canon does mention in the specs that the testing at the faster speeds was with 128GB UDMA 7 cards. I'm not sure what the size of the card has to do with it, but the UDMA 7 is the fastest (I think, but it's been a week since I checked...) specification for CF cards. So, if you still have CF cards that are a few years old, you likely won't reap all of the benefits of the bigger buffer, even though the viewfinder says so.
    Lexar sells UDMA 7 cards as "1000x". "x" being 150 kilobits/s (original CD-ROM spec from many years ago...), so these should perform at (or near) 150 Megabits/s.
    As Don alluded to, there are many more benefits to updating to firmware 2.x.x than simply the buffer size.
    Oh - after you do the update, be sure to pull the main battery/batteries from the camera for 30 seconds or so after the update is complete. It needs that to fully "reboot" to the new firmware. No need to remove the coin cell, though.
  4. I take these answers to mean no.
  5. "I take these answers to mean no."

    I said "yes". Calling me a liar? Pardon me for answering your question, a mistake I'll try not to repeat in the future.
  6. I have upgraded to firmware version 2.0.3, using Lexar UDMA 7 - 1000x 32 gig and noticed the difference. After upgrading I shot to see how long it took to hit the buffer limit, Raw Large and Medium, and then JPEG only, I didn't count the shots, I just noticed this was awesome.
    With the original buffer I would hit the limit regularly. I have enough buffer now to notice I don't hit the buffer when I have the need to rapid fire for a few seconds. The camera with this memory is really fast, and I normally don't need to shoot rapid fire long enough to ever hit this new buffer size.
    This exceeds my needs and I am pleased to know it is there, should I want to use it. I really find myself backing off because I don't want to fill my CF card that fast if I am out on a day of shooting. Though I know there will be times it will come in handy. Wish the price of 128 GIG UDMA 7 - 1000x CF cards would come down, but that is another story.
    I have had a few comments from folks seeing me shoot some rapid fire bursts saying, wow that's fast. It impresses me every time I do it.
    It is worth the upgrade and costs nothing to upgrade, I can't imagine anyone not being pleased.
    Are you asking because you are interested in buying a 7D or just curious about upgrading the firmware? Great camera and nice upgrade IMHO.
  7. Shot mant rapid fire sequences this weekend with a medium grade 16gb card. Set to small raw, the viewfinder number
    was 46. Never had a single buffer issue. Company golf tourney event, impressed many with the speed.

    I did encounter a setting issue when I first upgraded. I was using strong in camera ISO noise reduction. This will slow you
    down and not give you the results you seek.
  8. Got 24FPS raw burst, but it totally screwed up my AF. Wound up with
    front/back focus issues as well as other issues. I wound up reverting the
    firmware back to 1.3.5 by renaming the file to trick the camera into
    reading it as the new upgrade. Now AF is back to normal, but no
    new upgrade.
    A lot of shooters are posting similar problems over on the
    Canon Rumor forum.
    At this rate I would only upgrade to 2.0.0 or high at your own
    Here's the link to Canon Rumor forum on this subject:

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