EOS 5D Mark II: Battery Management with the New LP-E6 Battery

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by jimvanson, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. EOS 5D Mark II: Battery Management with the New LP-E6 Battery


    Is this the start of what will be a flurry of announcements?
  2. Looks clear to me. We'll know everything tomorrow i bet!
  3. And here is a Canon report on the 5D Mark II's "Quick Control Screen" feature.

  4. Here is the new Peripheral Illumination Correction:

  5. The main http://wwwcanoneos.com/consumer web site now shows the new body, with the name 5D Mark II.
  6. Its up on the Canon EOS site in the camera section. They've unveiled it. It wasnt there 30 minutes ago.
  7. It says 21 MP, full HD video(who cares), 3.9 fps ISO up to 25600. New 3" screen of course. A new viewfinder and 9
    point Af w/6 assist points. Nothing ground breaking until we see some real images from this thing. I cant believe they
    went 21MP. The feature set is about what most predicted though.
  8. Too bad the lens rumor wasnt true. I really wanted the 24-70 f2.8 IS. Oh well. Still no price.
  9. I. for one, will be buying one :)

    And contrary to all the hoopla, i'm actually quite excited about the video feature. Not that it's needed, but it certainly is welcome.

    As far as the 24-70 is concerned.... that 24 1.4L II sure looks nice :)
  10. Yeah, I just never found much need for 1.4 on a wide angle like the 24mm. If Im ever at 24mm, I am also at f8-13
    shooting landscapes. I guess it could have some place though. I imagine 1.4 on a wide angle is quite soft though as
    wides are inherently soft. That said, I dont own wide primes so maybe they are quite a bit sharper. None the less, if
    the noise levels look good, then it will be a great upgrade for some. I wonder what 25,600 looks like. Hope its not
    totally useless.
  11. Price is $2700. Lower than I'd expected ($3000)
  12. zml


    Another day, another battery, another charger...Let's see, if "fully armed" I travel with the charger for LP-E4 (a big brick) for 1Ds3/1D3, BP-511 (40D) and a charger for the NP-E3 (for 1Ds2.) That's 3 chargers - 2 of them as big as the 40D...
  13. The new LP-E6 looks almost exactly like the NB-2L batteries for the XTi. I can see this causing me to scream in anger
    some day.

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