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  1. Hello everyone,
    I'm planning to buy into EOS system mainly due to its two prime lenses: 85mm 1.2 and 35mm 1.4. I'm only interested in portraits in available light and those two lenses should cover me perfectly. Those lenses are going to cost me a lot so probably my body budget would have to be limited. I was wondering whether 500D would at this stage be able to fully take advantage of those two superb lenses or whether should I go for 7D (unfortunately 5D II is out of question due to the budget limits, even 7D would be a stretch). Would there be any visible difference in image quality that would justify extra expense?
    In your opinion: 85mm 1.2 and 35mm 1.4 plus 500D or let's say 85mm 1.2 and 7D?
    Thanks for your help
  2. The 85L mkii is a little too long for a 7D and heavy. I suggest you go with the 35L and 7D. But if you want to get the best, save up for 5DmkII. Or maybe a 5D mkI, but I prefer the 7D over the mkI for various reasons.
  3. definitely go to a store where you can handle both bodies before buying one, if you haven't already. i personally dislike the rebel series cameras with their plastic bodies and tiny viewfinders...the 7d i handled felt a lot better in my hands.
    of course you may feel differently, i just wanted to point out that the two bodies are very different and you shouldn't make your choice without getting your hands on both of them.
  4. You could save about $500 if you go for the 50D over the 7D. The biggest difference between the cameras you list is probably the control layout, frame rate, and focusing system.
    The 7D has Canons latest focusing system and a 8fps frame rate. For static subjects niether would be a big benift. If you were interested in taking pictures of moving objects (sports or birds) then the 7D would be the best choice . The 50D frame rate is a little over 6 while the Rebel is about 3 and the focusing system on these is more than adiquate for your needs.
    The control layout and how the camera feels in your hands is probably the biggest difference for you. The controls on the Rebel are very different than the 7D or 50D. Some people also prefer a heavier camera (the Rebels are the lightest) I would suggest going to a store and comparing them. The difference in the controls and weight might not be to your liking and therefor not worth the savings to you.
  5. Thx for your advice. 50 D looks like a very good option although I think it is due for an upgrade this year. You're right - 500D is way to small. At the moment I'm leaning toward 50D or 50D mark II if Canon will release one.
  6. 50 D looks like a very good option although I think it is due for an upgrade this year.
    Except... the upgrade to the 50D might actually have been the 7D. (Don't know for sure)
  7. That'll probably be a 60D, priced between 50D and 7D.
  8. how bout a 1st gen. 5D. Sounds like a winner for your style of photography.
  9. With the lenses you intend to use, 500D would give the portraits, even as big as 20"x30", almost of the quality that 5D produces - given the fact that photos are not only taken but also made where we do process them.

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