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  1. Hi
    I just purchased a Canon 40D with the EF-S 17-85 lens from a person on ebay. The camera was listed as "brand new" with a warranty. I just received the camera and it does appear to be brand new, however, the serial number on the box and warranty card do not match the serial number on the body. They are not even close. The first five numbers on the box/card are 09205xxxxx, the body is 14207xxxxx. The seller responded when I inquired about this that it is a mistake Canon made when packaging the camera. Does that sound possible? I am a bit suspicious and was hoping for some help from this forum. Thank You
  2. Just a guess: seller pulled two or more cameras out of the boxes to check what was in them (chargers, manuals, etc.) and put tthem back in the wrong boxes
  3. Sounds a little suspicious. I would consider your warranty at least questionable -- you'll have explaining to do if you ever need the warranty honoured. If you don't want to return it you could ask Canon if they will respect the warranty for a different camera. The chance you will ever use the warranty is pretty small. Although the most likely situation is that the boxes got mixed up, you can't be sure it's not new stolen merchandise.
  4. No, Canon never makes such mistakes, if the camera works and you don't care about warranty it's OK but Canon will not service your camera under warranty. I would send the camera back and ask for refund, if seller refuses file a complaint with paypal indicating "item not as described" because it is not brand new and it has no warranty. Paypal will step in and refund your money. This is typical fraud on Ebay selling a used product (or who knows it might be a stolen body) as new.
  5. First, printing seria numbers on warrenty cards boxes is an automated barcoded process and the chance for error is extremely small.
    Second, I believe most warrenties including Canon are to the original purchasor and are not transferable. So if purchasing used the only warrently you get is from the seller.
  6. Sure, I've seen lots of SN mixed up. Customer comes in the store and tries multiple copies of the same model and they get mixed up. I've also many times received new gear in our shop, straight from the manufacturer, with mixed up SN. It's no biggie for factory service as the only thing they want to see is a dated invoice from an authorized dealer. They never look at the cards. The cards are only useful when selling to collectors and geeks as they want all the original boxes, cards and wrappers.
  7. That doesn't sound right, and it is nice to have the peace of mind knowing you have a warranty even though you probably will never use it. If the camera works good out of the box, your 40D will more than likely outlast the warranty. Just treat it like the fine piece of equipment it is. Don't drop it, freeze it, boil it or bake it in an oven... :) Get a nice camera bag for it to protect it while traveling. It should be good for many thousands of photos. Enjoy, it's a great camera, I have one too. You may want to ask the seller if he could have made the mistake Jack mentioned. Best of luck.
  8. Well seeing as Canon USA buys the cameras from Canon Japan strictly based on the s/n's on the box, if that camera left the factory in the wrong box, Canon-USA didn't own it either. Odds are you bought the camera used, ie, no warrantee, it also might be "hot". Most authorized Canon resellers don't sell on ebay either, but it is a great place for people to dispose of warm goods.
  9. It may not matter.
    You said that you bought the camera from a person on ebay.
    If the person is not an authorized Canon dealer, you are not buying a camera with a warranty.
  10. Thanks for all of the great advise. I have decided to return the camera to the ebay seller because of the unknown history of this camera and the fact that it is not warranted by Canon as the seller stated in his listing. I am going to order the same camera and lens thru Adoroma for about $100 more than I paid, but I will have the assurance of a warranty and know where my camera came from. Thanks again!
  11. I am going to order the same camera and lens thru Adoroma for about $100 more than I paid, but I will have the assurance of a warranty and know where my camera came from.​
  12. You could always call Canon first and ask them if the SN is good and if the warranty is intact. I'm not so sure the warranty is to the first owner only. It's my understanding that the warranty is based on purchase date. In fact I just read my warranty card and it makes no exclusion based on subsequent owner or regarding unauthorized sellers.

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