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  1. I have been having an issue with my canon EOD 40D. When less expected, during photo sessions the camera gets idle. No apparent reason. In order to put it back to work I have to detach the grip and remove the batteries. If I either remove the grip not removing batteries or I remove the batteries not removing the grip, the camera does not start working again.
    No error message .. simply gets idle.
    Please advice and or reason for this problem is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you in advance for your time.
  2. Actually, that sounds to me like a problem with the grip. I've had similar problems over the years with grips, especially once they get some knocks & scrapes (ie a decent amount of wear) on them. The way to check is to see if you can replicate the problem when NOT using the grip at all?
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  3. Marcus, thank you for your input.
    I may tray it, but it is a random situation... some times happens, other times does not happens along the day... I can work with no grip and see....

    THank you for your time....
  4. No, I understand the difficulty with diagnosing highly intermittent faults. I also prefer to shoot with a grip on all my cameras and an EL1 instead of a strap, so I understand the impact removing the grip can have on your shooting.

    Most recently (and this was several years ago), I had a similar problem w/ the BG-E6 on one of my 5D2s. The fault would present almost identically to your description. At first it would only happen once in a while, but it got worse and worse over the months. I assumed originally that there was a fault w/ the camera or the batteries, but I came to understand that there is some electrical plumbing that the power flows through, and that was what turned out to be causing the camera to behave erratically - the 40D's grip may be a simpler circuit than the BG-E6 (as it doesn't have to tie battery power into the camera's CAN to report chip info (etc.) since it is just using 'dumb' BP511s), but there's still plenty of potential to introduce problems.

    Here's hoping you are able to isolate the problem easily!
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  5. Did you try cleaning the contact's, sometimes there's a bit of tarnish even on gold that effect's current.
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  6. I do appreciate your inputs... I have never had the issue with my 5DmII... Let see how does it progress :-(
  7. Thank you for your input Sir.
    I will be looking and leaning the contacts.
    I do appreciate your time to share your thoughts.
  8. Your welcome, I hope it helps.
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  9. I recall there was a grip for the 40D that had a recall a number of years ago.

    Try shutting off power to the camera, remove the grip and just use the battery directly in the camera.
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  10. Mark, thank you for your time and information. I will be trying with no grip...
  11. Good luck, I hope it is that easy. Let us know.
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  12. Yes Sir, I Will let you all know

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