EOS 300D Rebel High Speed Shutter Problems Help!

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by chris moseley, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. 1st Problem with Canon EOS 300D/Digital Rebel. Using available light (no flash) with shutter speeds of 1/1600 or higher, parts of my images are blacked out (like the mirror is not moving quickly enough). The black area grows with faster shutter speeds. This occurs in any mode (AV, TV, M) you can shoot at these speeds. Does it on multiple Canon lenses (85/1.8, 70-200 2.8L). Dealer had no clue. Canon support (no surprise) did not respond to my email and their tel help desk said I needed to send it in. Any clue?
  2. Obviously you're underexposing the photo. There's truly no need for such high speeds for shooting portraits. If you're worried about handsake, just shoot something like 1/125th and get the smallest aperture you can until your meter says it's properly exposed. Unless you want great depth of field, then I'd say shoot the largest aperture opening, thus getting you a faster shutter speed. Just pay more attention to your meter, your shooting conditions, and less about what speed you desire.
  3. JOEY > It is not just a underexposure! half of the picture is well exposed and the other half is OK!

    CHRIS > try shooting something bright and equally lit (like maybe the sky :) to test it. if one half of picture remains dark it is probably a serious problem with your camera... :-(
  4. Good grief. "Just pay more attention to your meter, your shooting conditions, and less about what speed you desire." You couldn't be more far from the mark with your comments.
  5. If you example photo was taken in Av or Tv mode I'd say the camera is faulty. In those modes if you set the 4000/sec shutter speed the resulting f/4 is what the camera thinks is good for correct exposure. You had an F/1.8 lens mounted so if the camera wanted wider it could have set it. I agree with your diagnosis, the shutter is lagging. If it's new enough get the dealer to swap it for you, or you'll just have to send it in to Canon.
  6. The dark pattern, it varies from shot to shot? I'm guessing that there might be something loose in there, maybe attached to the mirror and it's flapping around at higher shutter speeds?

    Try using the "sensor cleaning" setting to lock the mirror up and take a look at the sensor, and at the back of the mirror. It's not "catching" the mirror go up given the pattern of the black spot. The mirror draws back and then flaps straight up, so if it was just that the mirror is too slow it would be the top half of the image that's black.

    Unless it's something obvious when you look at it in sensor cleaning mode I'd suggest sending it in for repair, or if it's within 30 days just try to exchange it where you bought it to prevent you from having to wait for a fix.
  7. This looks like a serious problem with your camera. I wonder how many other 300D owners have tested the camera performance a 1/4000. I personally don't use speeds over 1/1000 very often. Just a thought....
  8. I've used mine at 1/4000 more than a few times, none of the images have the same artifacts as Chris is seeing.
  9. Set the camera to ISO100, Av mode. Point the camera at the nice blue sky. Open up the lens (lower the f/stop) until the meter indicates a shutter speed at or close to 1/4000th. Take the picture. Post the results.
  10. After doing the above, it would be worthwhile to slowly stop down (increase the f/stop) so the shutter speeds drop... take a variety of shots from 1/3000th down to 1/2000th, etc. See where the problem (if it exists) arises.
  11. Chris,

    I noticed the dark half of the photo changed sides between your two pictures. Did you shoot them differently or is this the work of the camera? I would expect a mirror problem to pattern the same every time.
  12. Some shots of blue sky taken at different shutter speeds on AV mode with basic EXIF info are posted here.
  13. Send it in for service... something is broken. My guess is the mirror isn't getting out of the way fast enough.
  14. Sticking shutter blades? If it was the mirror the black band would be at the bottom wouldn't it?

    If it's not a wind up it's definitely a bad camera I'd get it swapped straight away.

    I'm disappointed that people question all DRebels just because one has escaped from the factory imperfect.
  15. Phil - who's questioning "all DRebels?" Is it not fair to hear if this problem has happened to anyone else -- who might know a quick fix for it?
  16. I think this is from a bad curtain synching.... I read that above 1/200 secs, at the place of opening and closing the whole diapragm, it passes a curtain like this in front of tghe camera. This looks pretty much like it! It looks like ap octyure taken with a flash with higner shutter speed than the x-sync without high speed sync on.... Probabaly a problem with the curtain..... You probably won't be able to repair this yourself.... Sned it in....
  17. Something hanging in front of the lens?
  18. "...and their tel help desk said I needed to send it in."

    ...and? Have you? I say send it in. Mine works fine at 1/4000.
  19. you must have received the special 300D tribute version: tribute to J. Cokin, with a built-in graduated efx... :p

    Well-it is obviously in need of repair. being under warranty it will be no problem.
  20. The examples remind me of shots taken with my old EOS 650 when the shutter was sticking.
  21. That screems for service! Not normal!
  22. We have an older EOS Rebel. It has just started giving problems with the top part of the picture being obscured as though there was an obstruction over the lens. This is in the automatic mode. I looked at the shutter mechanism before putting a new film in, it has some sticky black substance on some of the blades. I managed to remove a little of the black stuff using a lens tissue. Subsequent operation of the shutter introduced some more on the blades. Clearly, it appears to be introduced from somewhere where the blades go when the shutter is operated. One of our local camera repair people said $70 for cleaning. I read somewhere on the web that there is a shutter buffer that degrades after some time. Certainly the goop looks like rubber degrading??
    Can anyone suggest what might be done. Without incurring too much cost?
  23. You can find the solution for your old film Rebel here

  24. Hi, I have the same problem on my EOS300D. I am a very heavy user of my camera and just last Saturday 3/4 of a shot was not exposed. The problem is with the focusing mirror (the one behind the main mirror for your viewfinder). In my case, it did not get flipped up when the main mirror flicks up for the shot. My guess is that in your case, it did flip up but not totally, thus covering part of your CMOS sensor. I have sent my camera in for servicing and its covered by warranty. Still waiting for the fix but its diagnosed as shutter problem.
  25. I just got my camera back (see earlier post). Service was very fast! OK, the "sub mirror" was replaced as it was stuck. No charge as it was under warranty.

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