EOS 300D hot pixels at all ISO settings

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by stephen_ratzlaff, Sep 26, 2003.

  1. Bought an EOS 300D last weekend and have an issue with two (2)
    hot/stuck pixels (RED) at all ISO settings. Most pronounced at
    ISO1600, but also easily seen at ISO200. Can also see at ISO100 but a
    bit dimmer.

    What's the normal practice, do I return it for exchange or let Canon
    remap the CMOS.

    Also, if remap is possible, can this be done locally by authorized
    Canon repair center or is a trip to Canon NJ or CA service centers

    As a side note, since there will be stuck/hot pixels developing over
    time, why doesn't Canon make a utility which lets the end-user do this?
    Sure would cut down on service and returns.

  2. If you bought it last weekend it would be an easier matter to return it than to have it serviced.

    I've never had hot pixels on my CMOS Canon DSLRs (or my CCD Canon for that matter) so I am not sure about remapping, but I bet you have to send it to the CA or NJ service center for repair.
  3. New camera, I would exchange until you got one that is OK.
  4. Thanks, I'll return it.
  5. Checked the replacement before leaving the store, no problems with it.


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