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  1. i purchased a canon eos 3 from keh.com more than 8 years ago. I am recently getting bc error. I got the low battery warning and replaced with another battery and within a short time , had same problem on the same day. This was near the sea. The shutter stopped in between initially. After a few frames , it worked fine. Few days ago , I had the same problem and it started working after few frames. I had changed battery after getting bc. I had same problem with the new battery and after few frames with CB and shutter stopping , it worked fine. The batteries are within expiry period but purchased few years ago sand maybe from same source. Temperature around 26 Celsius.Any suggestions ? Thanks in advance
  2. "bc" usually means the battery is running out of juice even though it is not expired yet. If you are sure the battery is fresh and not dying, then another reason may be the lens contacts need to be cleaned. Use a Q-tip with some alcohol to wipe clean the contacts on your camera mount and your lens and try again. Read pages 7 and 8 of the operation manual. If you do not have the manual, you can download from the Canon support site here:


    Hope this helps.

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