EOS 20D and Fireworks little problem

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by kraig_cuddeford, May 28, 2005.

  1. I got pictures of fireworks with my 20D for the first time. I'm
    wondering if there is something wrong with my camera. I see what
    looks like gaps in the exposure on the red channel, or over exposure
    on the red channel in a repeating pattern. I didn't see that with the
    fireworks pictures from a 10D
  2. I also notice a bunch of cross hatching in the darker blue.
  3. and some big chunky gradients in the blue background.
  4. ahh, this picture is the one with the big ugly gradients, the next one shows the cross hatches.. Is there something wrong with digital photo professional's conversion settings?
  5. I've converted the file from raw using several different settings to compare the results.. One is oversharpened with too low of an image quality setting, resulting in the large chunky jpg gradient in the blue tonal changes. The other is showing the cross hatch pattern that everyone else is complaining about, I can't remedy the cross hatching, if it's in the raw file due to exposure failure or other condition, it's there... Do you think Neat Image or Noise Ninja would be acceptable on a large print?
  6. Honestly, on my screen it looks overexposed. As far as Noise ninja or neat image,I haven't gotten anything to look good with them past 8x10. Not sure about the cross hatching, someone else'll have to broach that one.
  7. Can you past a link to an original file? I have shot a lot of fireworks with both a 20D and 10D and have never seen these problems. The second photo looks very similar to JPEG artifacts.
  8. Do you have any originals that I can compare? I ran the 20D with ef-s 18-55 at like 30mm f11 and 3-6 seconds to get a little ambient exposure.. mlu and timer. I want to get a good setting to use before the 4th.
  9. Looks to me like some nasty JPG and sharpening artifacts, with a little blooming mixed in here and there, but mostly the former.

    Can you host a raw for us to play with?
  10. not really, The raw file looks OK, there are some optical errors due to the lens cleaning and sensor dirt, but for the most part, I am concerned with the image processing. Any suggestions I can do on the raw file in DPP or should I be looking for another program?
  11. Try it with Adobe Camera RAW?
  12. Is that what is mentioned as CR1?

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