EOS 1V fans of the world, unite!

Discussion in 'Modern Film Cameras' started by mark_pierlot, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. Following hot on the heels on Andy's post two entries down, I personally think that the canon EOS 1V is the finest 35mm camera that falls under the auspices of this forum.
    Please feel free to agree or disagree, but do not prepare your case lightly!
  2. I agree, with mild reservations. Though I have never used one, I think the F6 is shoulder to shoulder with the 1V. It all depends on the user interface, which one you prefer. Also, I gotta say that my T90 and 1V are so very similar that it's tough to pick a favorite.
  3. I purchased a new-old-stock 1v body last year - never used until I had it in my hot little hands. I don't know what the brand new "street" price was when they were the thing to have for pros, but I know the full price here in Australia was a bit over $4000. I got my "new" example for $800, and it was worth every cent. I admit that I've never used any of Canon's competitors' equivalent cameras, but I can say that it's the best 35mm camera I've ever owned. I'm talking along the lines of a complete package - strength, quality, features, customisation ability, and on and on. I do have other high quality pro or advanced-amateur cameras that I equally enjoy using, but they're much older and are manual, so they don't compete head-to-head with the 1v. So here's a 1v fan uniting with a big "yes"!
  4. I'm a HUGE 1v fan and I think it's definitely the best from Canon. I would have to agree that the F6 is probably shoulder to shoulder with it as Fred mentioned, although I've never even held one. As much as I enjoy other cameras I always come back to the 1v as my favorite film camera (but the Nikon F100 has taken a firm and close second place). Aside from not auto exposing in Av for more than 30 seconds as Les has pointed out, it does everything right. And very quickly!
  5. I have an EOS 1n and itโ€™s the best 35mm camera body I have ever owned, so if the 1v is a major improvement then, it must be awesome.
  6. Owning the 1N, 3 AND 1V, the last is the best. 3 is nice and light, and chunky, but no 100% viewfinder.
    1N has too little focuspoint and is a tad slower than the 1V
    Both 1V and 1N accompany me on holidays, for colour and b/w respectively.
  7. I haven't explored Canons yet (though the EOS 1V is certainly inviting) so I can't compare it against others that might be "the finest ...", but it would be a fun shoot-out with my Minolta Alpha (Maxxum) 9. Yes, Les, it does have a 1/12000 shutter, plus weather sealed, dials instead of buttons, 100% bright VF, eye-start, and a pop-up flash that also will control other flash units wirelessly. The 9 or the later Maxxum 7 were certainly the best (modern) cameras that Minolta made (IMHO).
  8. A used Eos 1v is by far the best deal going right now on a top shelf 35mm film camera. They are literally giving them away and there is an endless supply from the Japanese used market. For personal reasons I generally prefer to shoot with a Nikon F4s (since I own more and better Nikon lenses than I do Canon) but if I only had my Eos 1V and a 50 f1.4 USM I'd be more than thrilled to go out shooting with it from now till kingdom come.
    I miss the old days of EOS film cameras and shooting 35mm slides. Feels like just yesterday.
  9. I coveted the EOS 1V HS but alas, the closest I ever got to (owning and shooting consistently with one) was one of my darkroom mentors shot two of them. I did, however, shoot the EOS 3 extensively and loved it as well.
  10. Nothing wrong with its features but it's way too big. I'd never take it travelling. Actually I can't think of a use for it as far as my photography is concerned. But I like the option of 10fps with the battery grip for those who want the feature.
  11. I have not seen one myself. Most likely never will given there are no camera stores about. However I am sure it's a great camera especially if you wish to have a fast operating camera. However It is not a camera that I would purchase because of the weight. Anyway it's a very nice camera but no thanks. . .
  12. The 1V is still a little pricey for my acquisitions (typically in terms of equivalent value of pizzas), but I do have an EOS 1 and an EOS 1n (in a Kodak digital form).

    They are certainly good cameras, but for the ultimate (for me) EOS film camera is still the EOS 3, even with the viewfinder size.

    For non-AF cameras, the T90 is a spectacularly good camera to use, although mine developed the dread magnet freeze problem.
  13. Big fan of the 1V. Used to shoot with the 3 but sold it when I went digital. When I got back into film I bought a 1N for cheap and it's an awesome camera imo. I also have a very old 1Ds which I believe was based on the 1V.

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