eos 1n with sigma 28-80 atx proII

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by arthur_bunda|1, Jan 21, 2004.

  1. i notice that when i use sigma on 1n i have blur image.
  2. Try having the ?Tokina serviced - assuming that you get sharp pictures with some other lens. Otherwise, test it on some other body.
  3. Huh? There's no Sigma 28-80 /2.8 AT-X Pro-II. Do you mean Tokina? I've had good success on an old EOS-5 but its focusing was weird on my Elan-7. It always used to focus a little (10%?) in front of the subject and shooting wide open was impossible. This lack of compatibility between certain 3rd party lenses and Canon EOS bodies is not that uncommon.
  4. Blurry image is generally linked to too low shutter speed, i.e. user error. Have you tried a tripod ?

    If you mean soft image it may be due to using the lens wide open, where most lenses show poor results. Have you tried shooting at f/8-11 ?

    Or could it be a case of shallow DoF where it's difficult to pinpoint your focus point ? Again, shooting at f/8-11 might help.


    Happy shooting ,
  5. Yakim, in my case, after lots of soft images, I ran a test with the camera and lens on a tripod. The Tokina 28-80 ATX pro-2 was consistently focusing a little too close when used on the Elan-7e but not on my EOS-5. Neither body has any problems with EF lenses :( Guess they may upgrade the firmware if you ask them.

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