EOS 1ds MKII - Problems at Airport Security Checks?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by chris_shawn, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. Hello,

    I am going to travel from Germany to New York City, USA and want to take my
    Canon EOS 1Ds MKII.

    I have read somewhere that there are problems with airport security sometimes
    and they claim the Canon EOS 1Ds MKII would be too dense to check it or
    something. Technically speaken this is absolute nonsense to me but I am a bit
    afraid that something might happen when I stand in front of a bad security officer.

    Does anyone know of this problem or is it just one of those things where people
    spread rumors?

  2. I have read that security measures were discussed that would not allow Cameras, Cell Phones and a few other select objects to be "Carry On" and will have to be placed in check in baggage.

    If this has been implemented yet I dont know, you should be able to check with the airline to see.
  3. I went to Shanghai 4 month ago with 1DsMK2 and 5D and few lenses, at San Francisco airport, they asked me to took some shots with both camera, and they hand checked the 70-200IS. This was before the London event, now it could be tighter.
  4. Those are rumours being spread. You may be asked to show the camera working but that's all. I fly in and out of the middle east regularly and have never had a problem with the 1Ds II or indeed any other camera - not even 3 weeks ago or so when they started allowing hand baggage out of Heathrow again.
  5. Thanks a lot for the replies. Now, I am feeling a lot better.

  6. Hey Chris,
    i flew from Frankfurt last week, carrying my Canon kit. After x raying my camera bag and
    laptop they pulled me out, moved me in a seperate room and did an explosives swipe on
    the camera only
    (so i guess the body is dense). All the other equipment, lens, Epson P-4000 etc. were fine
    after the x ray. And this only happened at the first checkpoint, the second (for US flights
    fine with regular x-rays.
    Just be nice to the people, they are doing their job to protect us from those idiots.
  7. Although the threat level remains elevated, as of this writing there are no restrictions on carry-on cameras. As mentioned above, you may be asked to go through additional screening, as possibly be asked to turn the camera on. Flights originating from the UK may have some additional requirements; it's best to check with the airline prior to departure for clarification.
  8. The big problem if you're flying from the UK is the new and tighter restrictions on carry on luggage, one bag that measures no more than 45cm x 35cm x 16cm.

    Once you've taken the thickness of the bag itself into account that rules out a number of Canon's larger zooms and longer lenses.
  9. Now more than ever the camera should be in working order. Imagine they try and turn on a
    1-series camera and then confiscate it if it fails to operate.
  10. As Gary said:"The big problem if you're flying from the UK is the new and tighter restrictions on carry on luggage, one bag that measures no more than 45cm x 35cm x 16cm."

    One bag that fits those criteria is the Billingham Packington in case anyone is in a quandary about what to get. It fits a 1Ds II with 24-104L, 24mm L and 35mm L as well as other bits and pieces plus a book. Although expensive it is handsome and rugged and a good investment IMHO.
  11. I don't have a 1Ds MkII (I hate it when people don't answer the question posed) but....

    I have recently returned to London from a trip to Washington DC. I carried my EOS 5D with
    24-105 attached, 16-35, 50 f1.4, 70-200 f2.8 IS, 1.4x converter and 580 flash in a
    LowePro Omni Pro bag (as well as a Sureshot S70, seven CF cards, spare battery, lens
    brush and puffer). This fitted in the frame guides located by the check-in desks in the UK.
    The straps on the front were a bit of a squeeze but the airline staff accepted them - I
    could have taken them off and probably will do the next time I travel by air. I had taken
    along the hard case I had bought together with the bag but left it in the car and would
    have gone back for it if necessary. When walking around Washington I used a LowePro
    Slingshot 200 which held the lenses and flash while I had the camera in my hand - I had
    taken this case in our checked baggage as the shoulder strap for the Omni Pro is too thin
    (to enable it to fit into the hard case) to carry around all day. Coming back to the UK there
    were no problems at all. As well as my camera gear the bag also contained my iPod, PDA
    and phone; on neither occasion going through Security was I asked to open up my bag - I
    was very surprised.

    I was intending to get another Omni Pro bag but when I spoke to my photo dealer at the
    weekend he told me that many people have realised this is the right size for carry-on and
    there is now a shortage and delivery is not likely until after Christmas.

    Best Wishes

  12. I just flew back yesterday from Amsterdam through Chicago and on to Denver hand carrying a 1Ds MkII. No problem, in fact they merely x-rayed the camera bag and never opened it up. This includes going through security in Amsterdam and then again in Chicago.
  13. I have over 100,000 miles of travel this year, I have never run into problems with TSA and
    checking my camera. In fact I rarely ever even get the screeners to call a bag check.

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