EOS 1DS hotshoe/flash problem and canon service

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by steve_hink, Jun 26, 2005.

  1. I have an EOS 1DS with 2 550EX speedlites and transmitter. When using either flash or
    transmitter, I have to adjust the position of the flash on the hotshoe in order to make
    contact. Usually turning the flash slightly the right or left, it will make contact. Sometimes
    the camera will also display the fel icon and pre-fire the flash. Must be a camera hotshoe
    problem since same thing happens with 3 units. Anyone else have an issue like this?

    I plan to get serviced, but I need it back fast. Does anyone have canon service experience?
    How long should it take and do they use fixed repair rates? Any info would be appreciated.
  2. Sounds like the hotshoe retaining track has stretched loose/larger and thus you lack
    pressure on the contacts. You could remove the hotshoe and carefuly compress it with
    wood blocks until the foot fits tighter. I wouldn't recommend banging the top of the
    camera with a hammer, although that might work.
  3. Steve,
    I had exactly the same problem and ' Puppy Face's' solution worked perfectly!
    The 580 & 550 would work fine (on the hotshoe, not wireless), but the ST-E2 wouldn't.
    Turned out that the Hotshoe had expanded slightly and the ST-E2 has the loosest fit so
    the small amount of play was just enough to screw the ST-E2 connection.

    I unmounted the hotshoe assembly with a jewellers phillips scewdriver, squeezed medium
    hard with a wooden block, remounted and hey presto, fully working wireless flash:)

    Hope it works for you.


  4. Thanks for the info, how do you go about removing the hotshoe?
  5. Steve,

    you need to unscrew the 4 small screws on the hotshoe (make sure the screwdriver is a very
    good fit, otherwise you could bugger the heads!)

    Good luck,

  6. I found the screws under the spring clip, I'll give it a try. Thanks again!
  7. Removed hotshoe and compressed the rails. Flash fits good, but can't get it to work at all
    now? Any Ideas? Think I may take it in and have it looked at.
  8. Hi Steve,

    Sounds like it's time to take it in then I'm afraid :-(

    Though I did clean all the contact areas with a pencil eraser, perhaps you could try that
    before sending it in?

    Good luck.
  9. I've tried cleaning contacts ect.. I will have serviced. Does anyone know what Canon's flat
    rate service fees are on a 1DS? I called and they are closed for the holiday. I have a good
    local authorized canon repair shop near me, but just wondered if it might be cheaper to
    send to Canon.
  10. Took camera in to repair shop, flash circuitry has to be replaced, $350.

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