EOS 10s, repair it or replace it?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by fusionrx, Dec 18, 2002.

  1. Hi everyone.

    I have an old 10s camera that probably has about U$150 worth of
    repairs required for it. Is it worth it? I know that the camera is
    pretty good back in the day, and I am looking to judge whether I
    should fix it or buy something newer... Currently, we (wife and I)
    are using the "handy point and shoot type cameras" (film) and will
    probably be getting a similar digital camera for Xmas. My wife has an
    old Nikkromat (30+ years) camera, which has a couple of sets of
    lenses for it. The Canon 10s has no lenses, for it so in addition to
    fixing it, I'd have to buy lenses. So... what to do????

    As you can probably well tell, I am a definite amateur (but want to
    become better!). Any suggestions, hints, pushes in the right
    direction are helpful.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. The 10s is a good camera with some interesting features. Checking used prices from photo dealers, you could replace it for about $200 - $250. On Ebay, they are not a hot item & commonly sell for less than $150, but they really are worth more.

    On the other hand, even broken they sell for a fair bit on Ebay, so you have to figure it has some value they way it is.

    The most common problem with them these days is the shutter bumper disolving and getting some sticky black stuff on the shutter blades. This causes problems with missing exposures, incorrect exposures and camera lock-up. If that's your problem, it can be fixed at home for less than $5 and some of your time
  3. Repairs consist of complete replacement of shutter (missing), the metal mount plate for the lens (missing), pop up flash stays up, and sets of screws.

    Canon USA has offered to assess the repair costs and if I give the go ahead, to repair it. My assessment comes from only conversations with the service folks. It might be more.

    Would it be worth it if I need to buy lenses or should I just buy a new camera with lenses (but a lower end model like the EOS 7)???
  4. Yep, sounds like a major fix. I'd sell it for parts on Ebay. And if you like the 10s, I'd buy another on Ebay.

    The 10s was considered an advanced amateur / professional camera while the EOS Elan 7 is considered a little lower grade. But in practice, you'd be hard pressed to find the Elan 7 of lower quality or durability. It's features and ergonomics are certainly more advanced.

    The advantages that the 10s has is the intervolometer and the fact that the shutter will stay open for long exposures without drawing any power. Hardly comparable. I'd get the newer camera.
  5. 1. "we ... will probably be getting a similar digital camera for Xmas".

    2. "The Canon 10s has no lenses, for it so in addition to fixing it, I'd have to buy lenses".

    It looks to me that the answer is already inside your question. Investing money seems unreasonable in this case. Buy the "similar digital camera".
  6. The elan 7 is not a lower end camera in fact it is quite a durable little job with a lot of very nice features and very comfortable to shoot.All for a very nice little price. I would say that it feels everybit as durable as my old T90, and very comfortable to pack. I'd sell your 10s on ebay as a parts camera. I have one that I am going to rob the lens mount off of to build a dedicated bellows for my EOS system with. Seeing as how I heve not been successful at getting the shutter unstuck.

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