ensign 420 replacement part i made

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  1. guys
    I have 2 ensign 420 cameras one with an epsilon shutter and 105mm ensar lens that's complete and one with a prontor shutter with a100mm ensar lens that had a missing lever connecting the shutter release button on the body to the shutter release lever on the lens
    so I took the lever out of the camera I had and I copied it and made a new one as well as I could
    its not identical as I used different fixings and I think it was worthwhile doing it
    and it works hope you like it
    regards Andrew[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. I made the lever out of 1 mm sheet steel and folded the bits in a vice and using plyers all the new bolts are all m2mm I had to rethread the bracket on the cameras front door to form the pivot and used a little super glue to stiffen the bolt to the correct tightness the bole at the back that slots into the button slider on the canera was rhreaded into the sheet steel and locked with a nut
    the spring was also missing luckily I had a slightly stiffer spring in my parts box that fitted
    regards Andrew
  3. Very ingenious and painstaking, Andrew. You make me feel guilty as I have an Ensign 820 that needs a similar reconstruction and I've meaning to attend to it for about three years... Congratulations on a tidy repair.
  4. Nice work Andrew. They both look like they could be original equipment. By the way, which one is the one you made? The one on the right in your last image?
  5. Cory
    the one I made is on the right
    regards Andrew
  6. I see you took the Ensign at his name .. "Selfix" --- Well Done!
  7. Congratulations, Andrew, on your clever DIY cure for the Selfix 420s problem. I've acquired quite a collection of Ensign stuff myself, and it's always amazed me how many silly little bits and bobs appear to have mysteriously fallen off them over the years. It's just as if screws, rivets and such weren't applied tightly enough at the factory. In most cases, I've managed to get things working (and therefore looking) OK again, by acquiring a similar junker camera to cannabalise for that elusive part, but it would have been better if Messrs Barnett, Ensign and Ross had just fitted things properly in the first place!
    Of course, it's a different matter with those Epsilon shutters, which either work properly or they don't. I've spent a lot of money having entire replacement shutters fitted to some of the rarer models, such as an extremely early Selfix 12-20. How early? Well, it's been confirmed as the first one ever to leave the factory, so I reckoned it deserved a bit of dosh to get it right ................. (Pete In Perth)

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