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  1. I am relatively new to minox 8x11 developing techniques. I was wondering what specifically I should be purchasing for an enlarger that would be capable of doing color someday when I learn how. For now, I just want to be able to accomplish black and whites no larger
    than 4x6. My question is, if you could, what enlarger and lens and
    basic darkroom equipment and chemicals do I need to get started? Also, is there a book that might clue me into the developing process
    in specific to minox microphotography? I will, of course, utilize the
    information on this site and other web sites. I just need a list of things to go buy so I can self teach myself. Thanks so much for the time.chris.By the way, I will have a minox III and a developing tank
  2. Chris, if you have color enlargement in mind, you may look for a Beseler or Omega enlarger, because Minox color enlarger is hard to find, and quite expensive even if you find one. For black and white, Minox enlarger II or III is excellent for B&W up to 9x12" You need also:
    1. Three 8x10" trays,
    2. 2 tongs
    3. Agfa or Ilford or Kodak multigrade RC paper
    4. Agfa or Ilford multicontrast filter pack,
    5. Kodak or Ilford paper developer
    6. Paper stop bath
    7. Paper developer.
    8. Darkroom red safe light
    9. Grain focuser for focusing the negative
    10. 8x Minox loupe for examination, and selection of negative for enlargement
    11. A timer -- egg timer with tick tock sound will do
    12. A pair of scissors for cutting test strips
    13. Kodak Photoflo small bottle for elimination of water drops on negative.

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