Enlarger Paper and Airline travel

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by richard_rankin|2, Sep 9, 2002.

  1. The topic of film and travel on airlines has been covered several
    times here. But is there any threat to enlarger paper either in
    checked bags or as carry-on? Carry-on seems safe enough since paper
    is slower than film, but what about in checked baggage? After all,
    who wants to carry all that weight around an airport if its safe to
    check in? I've checked a box of Azo before with no problem, but it is
    particularly slow. Is there any problem with regular enlarger paper?
    <BR><BR>Thanks, Richard
  2. I would not send any photographic material as checked luggage.

    I took a box of paper from Europe to the U.S as checked luggage and when I checkd it out it was definitely fogged.

    I could not tell for sure that this batch was 100% OK before I shipped it but I would simply not take any chances.
  3. Since 9/11 the checked baggage is being bombarded with a very strong amount of x-rays. The wise thing to do would be NOT to check the paper.

    OK, on the other hand, I flew from Chicago to Frankfurt on January 1, 2002, right at the begining of this new X-ray system. I had forgotten about a couple of rolls of 35mm film in my checked baggage, 400ASA color neg, nothing more than family shots at Xmas....but as soon as the luggage entered the machine, I saw the sign that read "THis machine WILL fog film", or something to that effect. I developed the film when I got home and surprise surprise....no fog.

    The X-rays for checked baggage are said to be stronger than those for carry on...
  4. I heard from Ilford and they say that enlarger paper should NOT be placed in checked baggage. So, that is pretty much a definitive answer. However, I still plan on taking two identical packs of Ilford paper - one carry-on and one checked just to see the difference myself.

    <BR><BR>Thanks for the replies. Cheers, Richard <BR>
  5. The problem with paper and film in boxes is that often the security guard will want the box opened. They just don't always understand. My wife ran into that problem with a box of paper. This was even before 9/11/01. One solution might be to FedEx the package to your destination, or to order a box from B&H or similar seller and have it shipped to your destination.

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