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Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by miguel_pessanha, Aug 21, 1998.

  1. I would like some comments about the quality (sharpness, resolution, contrast, distortion) of some of following enlarger lenses ( 80 mm f4):


    - Schneider Componon S
    - Rodenstock Rodagon and Apo Rodagon
    - Nikon EL


    I only make B&W enlargements.


    I would like some sugestions about the best one to use in B&W.




    Miguel Pessanha
  2. Check this forum for a current discussion of some of these lenses.
  3. I have the Rodenstock Rodagon and it is better that the base lens that can with the Omega Enlarger (Vivitar). The APO is a better lens, but you probably can't see the difference except at 16 x 20s or larger.
    If you look at 35 mm camera lenses, the best ones are of the APO type design. Same with enlarging lenses. I do not know of any enlarging lens tests except in a old darkroon magazine (Camera Darkroom).
    All the lenses above would do a good job on 8 x 10s or smaller.
  4. All of these lenses will do an excellent job even on big enlargements. Enlarger misalignment, a negative that isn't totally flat, or improper focus will cause far more degradation of your image than a lack of quality in any of these lenses (assuiming, of course, you don't get a bad example of the lens).
  5. There was a test in a german photo magazine last year. All these lenses are fine. The Schneider Apo 90mm and the Rodenstock Apo-Rodagon 80 mm are at the top of the list, followed very closely by the Schneider Componon-S (costs half of the apo-version, thats why I bought it). Rodenstock Rodagon and Nikon EL are also very good. That4s what I think I can remember. Email me for details if you like and tell me your negative size, I have the photo magazine edition at home. They also tested other brands and cheaper glass from the aforementioned manufacturers (not everything can be recommended, unless you take your photos with a pinhole camera).
  6. Try the Schneider Apo-Componon 90mm and you will be surprised pleasantly!!!!!



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