End of Monox 35 focus issue

Discussion in 'Minox' started by ginon_lee, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. This is probably exclusively for me, the focusing problem of my past Minox 35 series including my current GT model.
    I had been posting several questions here regarding focusing which might had puzzled other members. I was almost
    near giving up the focus issue and believe Minox is just a thing of the past which can only take good photos by experienced
    photographers. But one day, I finally decided to give my GT a go with the well known service shop, Dag Camera. After several weeks
    of wait, the camera was returned to me, overhauled (I'm guessing only major parts cleaned.), FOCUS RESET and the focus ring replaced to
    metric system upon my request. (I'm in New Zealand and we use metres instead of feet)
    I've recently got back my prints of the first roll and the pics were quite impressing. I'm looking forward to take more photos with this
    small camera. But still one question remains...... Would Minox 35 perform better than Olympus Xa or Rollei 35 of similar or same era?

    P.S. when I got back my prints I noticed that they were printed from my negatives by scanning them digitally. It was quite sad because
    the analogue era is now over.
  2. Optical minilab prints from 35mm colour film have been history for quite a long time. Most minilabs used to scan and print to wet process RA4 paper, nowdays, those printers are being replaced by inkjet type dry lab printers from Fuji and others.
  3. I have all three, Minox GL, Rollei 35 and Olmpus XA. They all produce exceptional images but IMHO the Rollei 35 is more constantly reliable as it is totally mechanical and only relies on battery power for metering. I have the German model not the Singapore, though both are just as well made. The only issue is weight and bulk compared to Minox and Olympus which are lighter and sleeker.
  4. I own XA and Minox GT and Yes, if You focus properly Minox wil deliver much better results than XA, especially wide-open. Two years ago I mentioned not only the sharpness but also Three-dimensional effect on film.
    Here is the post, please look at my attached pictures on page 1:
    I'm not sure about Rollei but heard only a good things about the lens.
    When it comes to Photo Lab, I would stay away from inkjet printers. You can still find wet process labs.

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