EMO-Optik Arthur Seibert Octoscop L

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  1. EMO-Optik Arthur Seibert Octoscop L

    EMO-Optik Arthur Seibert Octoscop L Another unique optical instrument from EMO-Optik Arthur Seibert EMO Wetzlar is Octoscop L
    Octoscop is an 'Universal Vest-pocket Magnifier" . It consists of four loupes of 2x, 4x 10x and 18x.
    These four loupes can be combined to make 6x 14x 20 x and 28x for a total of eight magnifications, hence
    the name "Octoscop" ---- eight loupes ( 2x, 4x, 6x, 10x,14x, 20x, and 28x )in one package

    The four loupes are :

    ( 2x

    ( 4x loupe
    plano convex

    () 10x loupe

    ()) 18x three element loupe
    4x loupe and 18x loupe are arranged in the form of an 8 butterfly
    2X LOUPE AND 18X loupe are also arranged in another pair of 8 butterfly
    These two pairs of 8 shape primary loupes can be combined to make
    (14x 20x) and (6x 28x) compound loupes.
    In the following table:

    • same colored pairs belongs to one butterfly
    • (2x 10x) and (4x 18x) are primary pairs
    • (6x 28x), (14x 20x) are compound loupe pairs from the two primaries.

    • 2x 10x
      4x 6x 14x
      18x 20x 28x
    Octoscop specification

    • Primary loupes :

      • 2x plano convex
      • 4x plano convex
      • 10x cemented achromat doublet
      • 18x three element in two group; cemented doublet + plano-convex
      Compound loupes

        • 6x = 2x and 4x
        • 28x = 10x and 18x
        • 14x = 4x and 10x
        • 28x = 10x and 18x

        • Dimension
          • length ; 78mm
          • width: 30mm
          Weight : 30 g
          Packaging :
          • Black plastic box 4x 9x13cm;
          • Genuine black leather case
          • Neck strap
          Made in Germany

          Application of Octoscop

          EMO-Optik Seibert Octoscop is the most versatile combination
          magnifier offering eight different magnifications.
          The rule of thumb for viewing slide/negative with correct perspective

          is magnification= 250/focal_length of lens(in mm).
          Therefore, different magnifications of Octoscop is suitable for viewing chrome transparency or negatives for all kinds of format, from large format, medium format, 35mm to subminiature photography

          Magnification Combination Composition Best for viewing slide/negative of
          plano convex f=120mm lens
          4x plano convex f=60mm: Leitz 60mm/2.8 Macro-Elmarit
          6x 2x + 4x 2 element 2 group f=35mm to 50mm ;Minoxar/Minotar
          10x cemented achromat doublet f= 25mm-- 28mm lens
          14x 4x + 10x 3 element 2 group
          18x three element in two group; cemented doublet + plano-convex COMPLAN/MINOX 15mm lens
          20x 2x + 18x 4 element 3 group fine detail
          28x 10x + 18x 5 element 4 group fine detail
        6x loupe is particularly suitable to view slide made from camera lens
        with focal length from 35mm to 50mm, resulting in realistic perspective.
        Similarly, using 18x to view Minox 8x11 slide or negative resulting in
        realistic perspective.
        Further, if proper loupe with right magnification is used, the image has a 3-D feel, because of monocular vision in viewing slide/negative with loupe.

  2. Octoscop is perfect for examination of Minox 8x11 negative or chrome.
    <p> I like to put the Octoscop butterfly in 28x / 6x position; using
    the 6x loupe to get an overview, than switch over to 28x to examine
    the finest details.
    <p> I try Octoscop on stamp; for high magnification, the working
    distance is too close.
  3. EMO Macromax 5x loupe is the forerunner of Leica 5x loupe see Macromax
  4. Leitz Replica Microscope

    Emo-Optik once produced Leitz 'Replica' Microscope, a replica of an 1899 Leitz microscope,commissioned by Leica on the 18th August 1981
  5. The most famous pocket microscope and telescope is the EMO Emoskop

  6. Due to change of hosting site, some of the Octoscop images are missing. Here are the OctoscopL images stored at photo.net.
    SEIBERT OCTOSCOP L with genuine leather case in box
    4x and 14x loupes
    2x and 10x loupes

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