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  1. I did a wedding a couple of weeks ago. There were several images
    where the groom dips the bride with really nice backgrounds of the
    skyline (in Chicago). So I'm almost positive the bride will be
    looking for these photos.

    So the problem is, her boobs kept popping out everytime he dipped
    her. And of course, this we didn't notice until we saw the photos on
    the monitor. Do I just play dumb and say I don't have any to save her
    from an embarrassing moment. If not, how do I break it to her?
  2. Give her the pictures. Just make sure she doesn't find them somewhere on the I-net.
  3. You better make damn sure they get all of the prints and thenegs to. If you shot digital
    scrub them from your computer. off to do a little retouching if they want it. This is
    somethign yous hould have caught.

    But don't play dumb, she probably remembers the moment very clearly and lying to a
    client in circumstances like this is the worst policy. if you hide them and if she other
    people a tthe party remember you taking the shots you'll have to dig yourself out of a
  4. Well let me re-phrase that. Not "hide"... delete is more like it...

    And it's really hard to catch a nipple popping out through a viewfinder when it's a quick dip. I have other things to worry about like exposure, I don't exactly look out for things like this to occur.

    I'll just give her the files and let her do what she wants with it.
  5. It this some slippage or total busting out? If it's slippage, then it could be quick work with the clone tool.
  6. "Is" not "It" is the first word.
  7. Give her the photos, just leave them out of any proof album. I'm sure the bride and her groom are familiar with the subject matter. As has been noted, just make sure no one else sees the photos and make sure they aren't left on a computer.

    A few years ago, I shot a wedding image of a particularly slutty bridesmaid getting out of a limo. What I didn't notice until I got the proof back was that the bridemaid wasn't wearing panties and I got a dead on, fairly clinical view of her most private parts. I left the image out of the proof album, handed it to the bride in an envelop and we never spoke of the image again.
  8. I'd put it in the category of slipage. But digitally fixing it makes the dress look awkward because she's stretched out so it makes the dress and her upper body look a lot longer if I cover it up. The proportions just don't look right.
  9. Just so long as she doesn't get it made into a Christmas card and sends it to everyone she
    knows :
  10. I agree- give her the photos out of the proof book. As soon as you don't she'll call you asking where they are. She might think it's funny???
  11. I would give here all the origional files.......and as others here suggested, scrap any copies that you may have. I would politly explain the situation to her, hand them over to her and say "What would you like for me to do?". Do not put them in the album.
  12. Now now, I think we are being toooooo harsh. I think we should check out the pictures in question first. We shouldn't give out advice on pictures we have not viewed yet! ;-)

    (Just kidding!!!!!)
  13. Photoshop the nipples out!<br><br>
    That's what I would do. I've had that happen a couple of times during shoots.
  14. how do I break it to her?
    You know what they say . . . A picture's worth a thousand words! ;-)
  15. I find an excellent way to do it is to post about it on an internet forum in your real name,
    and then just wait.
  16. I don't find anything wrong in that. He is a professional photographer, so no one knows which clients he means. Plus, it is not as if something really bad has happened... just some skin that is inappropriate is shown. He doesn't reveal their names or their pictures.

    I'd say give it to them fair and square and tell them that it can be retouched but results may not be great. It's all up to them. You just documented the day.
  17. Maybe the groom will like em. A private momento.
  18. It doesn't bother me if I did that.

    Just tell the couple what happened, and it can be retouched in PS.

    It's definitely not you fault.

    No big deal!
  19. Michael - Even if this customer finds this post, I think they'll appredciate the fact that I'm seeking advice from other professionals. I'm not revealing names nor images so no harm no foul.

    I'll be giving it to her in a separate package. I'm sure they'll be shocked at first but they will laugh about this a few months from now.

    Thanks for the advice all!!!
  20. give em the originals, and the re-touched ones as well....they may very well not even notice the image distortion that you noted.
    If it really is the best you can do w/ the picts tell em so. my .02
  21. This is no big deal. The EDITED video my wife and I got back shows her nips at one point. We laugh about it.

    I told her not to get a strapless gown!
  22. "Even if this customer finds this post, I think they'll appredciate the fact that I'm seeking advice from other professionals. I'm not revealing names nor images so no harm no foul."

    I agree. It is standard practice for professionals in various industries to seek feedback from other professionals on ethical and other issues of concern even online. (Not all responses are from pros but these are only comments anyway). It is possible that guests, in the unlikely event that they visited this site, might know of the shoot with the background that was described. Even then, no pictures are shown nor are there meaningful descriptions. There is no public embaressment. No harm is done.
  23. Tony,
    Could you post an example so we can make an informed decision? :) Just kidding. I shot a wedding several weeks ago, and the maid of honor was putting the garter on the bride; she was bending over, and I shot several frames, and when I reviewed the images, her breasts were fully visible (and I mean fully) in one shot. I just deleted that one out, because I had a couple that were great, but not so revealing.

  24. All this talk and then no pictures... No fair. :)
  25. If the bride is anything like most brides I've known these days, she will probably love the pictures. Just tell her, "Hey, a little more was revealed than we realized at the time.... Here they are, to do with as you see fit." Assure her that they are never going to see the light of day, from your end anyway. :)
  26. Just tell her there was a "wardrobe malfunction"...hell, it worked for Janet Jackson :)

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