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Discussion in 'Large Format' started by don_wilkes, Sep 12, 2003.

  1. I noticed that none of the responses to my recent question on
    availability of Quickloads in Yosemite were sent to my email address
    *except* for one from Kerry Thalmann, which did *not* appear on the
    forum! This is very weird.

    I'll check back later, and see if the post from Kerry ever shows up...

  2. have been playing with the response e-mail system... Unfortunately, they seem to have broken it in the process. 2nd Law of programming: for every problem you fix, you introduce 2 new ones....

  3. recently introduced some "fixes" which have totally screwed up the email response/alert system.

    They don't even seem able to understand the problem, let alone how to resolve it....

    ongoing (and it would seem right now semi-pointles) discussion at

    Never mind, apparently the old/new LF Forum is apparently within days of going live... and their email alert system does work :)
  4. Same here. I thought no one had responded to my question until I happened to come back here to look and found several responses.
  5. Actually, it doesn't seem like it was a "fix" but an improvement... Apprently, Brian in his wisdom, thinks it is more logical to sign up for email alerts to the forum which just give you every new question but no follow up posts/answers. If you want those, you have to log on, go to that post and sign up for a response to that particular thread....

    Rather than the much more logical - sign up for an alert to every question/post on the Forum or sign up for answers to a particlualr thread.

    If you (like I) basically read the forum as all email and only logged on to to post a question or respond in a thread, then maybe email Brian and lobby him to either change back to the old system or introduce an alrt option to receive every post to the forum - Brian is at
  6. My version of the software law goes, "If you touch a working system, it breaks. If you don't want to break it, don't touch it".
  7. It's also possible (still) to sign in to your workspace. There's a section that displays all your initiated threads from ALL forums. At least, this saves you the trouble of having to hunt for your threads to view responses.

    An advantage of this foul-up in the email system is that you are more insulated from viruses, etc. I know that there've been cases where viruses were spread through the forum's email system.

    Another oddity is that viewing NEW ANSWERS now only gives you threads from the last time that you used this feature. So, it's not possible to view a few of the new answers and return later to view more. Any "new" answers that occurred prior to your last use of the feature will not be displayed. (This assumes I know how this new "feature" works.)

    I'll send a note to

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