Elwood Enlarger

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by royall_berndt, May 26, 2021.

  1. I used an Elwood years ago for everything up to 5x7. It was just okay for 35mm, but when the negs were bigger, it soared. My lens for big pics was a Kodak Ektar. For smaller negs, I had a Nikon f4 for 35mm and a Minolta enlarger lens for 6X6 cm. The enlarger itself was literally cast-iron and had a big base.

    I have to sell the complete set or throw it away now. If anyone in NYC is interested, let me know. Maybe even a school photo department would like it as an example of diffusion enlarging.
  2. Schools might use a 35mm or maybe 6x6, but probably not bigger.

    You might do better with a museum.

    The Omega B22 I have used to belong to a school, which gave it to someone who didn't use it,
    and who then gave it to me. The going rate for enlargers is close to $0.

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