Elmarit-R 24/2.8 vs. Canon 17-40 L

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by peter_bongard, Jul 1, 2007.

  1. Hello! How does the Elmarit-R 24/2.8 perform in comparison to the Canon 17-40/4 L? Which one is sharper? Thanks Nitro
  2. SCL


    Check the comparisons on this link: http://www.photozone.de/active/survey/querylens.jsp
  3. I can't tell exaclty on these two,but I just compared the Elmarit-R 35mm 2.8 with the Canon 17-35 2.8L (yesterday,actually), and the Leica is an absolute clear winner to me. Looked at the photozone link,and the result of the two lens I tested made me be suspicious on their methodology...
  4. Hey Andre, comparing any wide angle lens to a 35 Elmarit-R (55mm filter) is really not fair. That is one lens that is with me for life ;-) Has to be one of the most underated lenses of all time.
  5. Some real-life comparisons here...hand-held and lightning somewhat variable,but serves the purpose... http://vallejo.smugmug.com/Leicanon
  6. Ok - but what about the 24mm ELmarit-R? AFAIK its reputation is not that good... Peter
  7. Peter, you are comapring a Fix lens to a Zoom To the precise point how is it at 24mm, I have not the answer. THe Elmarit 24 has a design from Minolta but it has been improved by Leica. I'm fond of it, even illumination, no vignetting, not aberration, it's difficult to imagine it's a wide angle. Make sure you are using the lens shade (as on any WA). You would be diglighted of results if you had one.
  8. I manged to try the 24 Elmarit on a Digilux 3, helped out by Novofle adaptor. It is very-very nice, corner to corner...

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