Elmarit-M 135mm f2.8 Lens Cap?

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  1. I just succumbed to another eBay impulse buy. I purchased an Elmarit-M 135mm f2.8 with spectacles, but sans a lens cap. Where can I find something that will fit?
    Also, if I don't like the spectacles, supposedly I can remove them simply by loosening one screw. Has anyone tried using this lens without the spectacles?
  2. No, you can't remove the spectacles, because by changing the mangification of the viewfinder and rangefinder, they also change the calibration of the rangefinder. The focusing cam is computed to work with the specs in place, just as on the 35mm Summaron and Summicrons for the M3. Without the specs it's a scale focus lens.
    The specs give two benefits (1) larger image for composing and (2) accuracy in focusing such a fast long lens.
  3. try camerafilters.com for generic lens caps
  4. Robert, I think you may find the spectacles are essential for wide open focussing, as RF cameras fall off in RF precision very rapidly above 75 or 90 mm lens focal lengths, depending upon the lens speed (why leica currently produces an f3.4, and formerly, f4) lens without goggles).
    Despite its bulk, it is nonetheless a nice lens. Why not pop a UV filter on the lens for carrying, and take it off for shooting, if you are concerned with the effect of the extra glass surface.
  5. Leica made a nice metal cap with felt around the inside edge. It goes over the shade.
    Find one or use a generic 54 or 55. Early models used 54 mm or ser Vii and the later ones were 55 mm.
    Do NOT screw around taking off the goggles. They are very difficult to set up correctly and the lens will not work without them.
  6. Is the Series 7 retaining ring of this lens thresaded on the outside. If so what size is it?
    Is the origonal lens cap a Leica 54mm #14163K?
  7. I went to camerafilters.com. (thanks Steve), but I still have to know the right size. If the series VII filter retaining ring is female threaded on the front side of the ring, what is the size?
    For push on filters, what is the outside diameter of the pull-out lens shade, 54mm? Ronald?
  8. I just sent a metal Leica cap to a gentleman in California. I think it measured about 63 to 65mm inside diameter. Most yardsticks now have both mm and inches, so it should be easy to mesure the diameter of the outside of your sliding lens hood.
  9. Sorry, above I meant to say, For push on lens caps..., instead of, 'For push on filters...'. The effects of all the drugs I must consume: prescription drugs I assure you.
  10. Thanks Arthur, I just want to possibly take advantage of bidding on a Leica lens cap presently available on eBay which I suspect may be the proper item. The auction will be over before my "new" Elmarit M 135mm f2.8 arrives in Hawaii from the East Coast. So , I will not be able to measure the outside diameter of the lens shade until it arrives next week, some time. I suspect these authentic Leica lens caps are pretty scarce, no?
    Ronald mentioned 54mm or 55mm, but I would like to get a precise measurement of the outside lens shade diameter from someone who actually has this lens in their possession.
    Thank you all for your replies. I won't be trying to remove the spectacles.
  11. The lens cap on a E-M Gog'd 135 is marked E55 and 14289. BHPhoto has it for 30 bucks. I looked to see if Keh had a used one, a negatory there.
    Here is a thread that I posted some pictures taken with the lens, shot at 2.8 at about 5 feet (!). It seems ok, I don't have anything to compare it to at 2.8.
    Remember the lens brings up the 90mm framelines, and the goggles magnify the VF image to match. There has been a few threads about aligning it. Using it is like peering into a TV set or a tunnel, but the setup works ok. It's not something you'll use a lot of, but it's a pretty cool lens for me. You can't mount or unmount it with a Motor M attached, the only real drawback for me.
  12. Thank you Michael. Your photo is of the later version of this lens, (there were two). I bought the first version. The first version has a scalloped focus ring and Series VII filter. The second version has a finely knurled focus ring like yours, and was changed to the E55 filter.
    However, both versions may have the same outer diameter pull-out lens shade and thus use the same push-on, pull-off, lens cap if indeed both lenses came with the type of cap that fits over the lens shade. I just don't know.
    That information is not in my little Hove Pocket Book.
  13. Michael mentioned a good point. The 55mm threaded 135 is more recent than my (recently sold) 135 series VII thread (I think) lens which had a 54 mm threaded diameter. The newer version probably takes a typical modern Leica spring-loaded plastic cap that fits into the 55 mm filter thread. The cap I sold was black metal with an interior felt lining that fits over the extendible lens shade, thus about 63 to 65 mm inside diameter.
    Wow, I regret slightly my sale of lens and cap to my very sympathetic California buyer. Both were in absolutely like new condition, as purchased from a New Mexico estate a year or so ago. Ah, but I am not a collector, so it has gone to a good home, and I am quite happy with the 135 Tele-Elmar, albeit with only f4 maximum aperture.
  14. Well, someone out there in photo.net land must have an early sample of this lens. Hopefully, they will read this thread and respond with the:
    1) Outside diameter of the extendable lens shade.
    2) Thread size of the front female threads of the Series VII filter retaining ring, if in fact the front of the ring is actually threaded.
  15. Hi Robert,
    I have the earlier version with the heavily scalloped focus ring and the Series VII filter. The outside diameter of the lens hood is 64mm. The filter retaining ring is not threaded on the outside so if you have that version a screw on or push on cap is not an option. If you can't find an original, you may want to consider: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/con...-On&at=Diameter_64mm&basicSubmit=Submit+Query from B&H. Not as nice as the original but should be functional.
  16. Thank you Bob DuBois, both for the lens specifications and the B&H reference!
    Aloha and mahalo.
  17. "The filter retaining ring is not threaded on the outside so if you have that version a screw on or push on cap is not an option."
    Mr. DuBois,
    All you need to do is to remove the filter retaining ring, insert a step up ring (54 to 55mm) and you can then use the more modern Leica spring-load cap (it doesn't screw in, but snaps into the thread) as well as more easy to find 55 mm filters (not many series VII filters around these days).
    A 64 mm (my 63 to 65 mm guess was quite close, no?) Leica push on cap will INDEED work on the outer barrel of the older 135 goggle eyed lens.
  18. Great tip, Arthur. Thank you. I'll look for that step-up ring.
    I love photo.net
  19. Can anybody tell me if this lens with the goggles - the later version with the built in lens hood - works well on an M8?
    Do the goggles help focusing on an M8?
  20. Sorry - not sure how I duplicated my post - twice!
  21. whoops.

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