Elmar 5cm not positioning right on M4

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  1. [​IMG]Hi all!

    Got a Elmar 5cm 3.5 today and on inspection with the LTM adapter I’ve realised it’s not positioning properly when screwed and mounted on. If you see in the left photo the focus arm is nearly at 6pm when it should start at around 7pm? As now when I turn the focus arm it’s hitting the frame selector lever on the right?

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    Your adapter doesn't look like it is fitting the camera body correctly...did you fully lock it into the body? When I mount the same lens on mine, the focus arm in the infinity lock position is about 6:30-7:00 and as I move it to extend the lens it glides about 2mm above the frame selector.
  3. The lock key of the adapter comes to "top dead center" on the camera, but the infinity mark of the lens does not- it stops short of TDC.

    Check that there is dirt/grime/damage in the threads or under the lens between the adapter that prevents it from screwing in all the way. If this is as far as it screws in- try another adapter.
  4. The lens should be orientated in the same (or very close to) position as on a standard LTM body. The focus tab should end up at 7 0'clock-ish on infinity (or 11 0'clock for an older type)

    Is the LTM-adapter an original Leica ring? There are some cheap knock-off LTM-to-M adapter rings out there that might not be up to proper spec.
    Is it for the indicated focal length (to bring up the correct frame lines? Not sure if that would actually have any influence on a screw-mount lens.
  5. When you put the lens with adapter on the camera, does it click into place?

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