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  1. I am providing only a link here, as the picture is by BING. It is about the kailasnath [Siva] Temple at Ellora. The temple was carved from the top on a single rock into the ground. It is one of the most beautiful structures i have visited. As an architect I cannot imagine how someone conceived this effort and how it was executed to such precision.

    It is about a thousand years [plus] old. I am sure many in this Forum will find it interesting. Especially, I think that JDM will be interested as an archeologist. The structure is also photogenic in many angles as the Sun sheds light below ground level into depths.

  2. As I don't subscribe to any of these "groupings", I can't figure out how to get to it unfortunately.

    It is nice to hear from you again. Maybe we need to "get the band together again" :)
  3. Hi JDM! Just click on the link in box 2 above and you get to the picture.
  4. Bing is a search engine that displays news and other items of interest appropriate to your location. It is not a grouping; and it does not require an ID or Password. Bing displays an excellent photograph each day, with information on it in detail. You may enjoy that. SP.
  5. Good to see you back, SP! I use Bing frequently as it's a very good search engine, and the daily photographs are sometimes sensational. However, they do change daily and the link now takes us to a more recent image. A Bing search took me to rafts of information and images regarding the Kailasnath Temple at Ellora, and a truly spectacular place it is. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Yes, JDM, it would be great to see the "band" participating more. I suspect many of the members found the switch to the new format rather challenging...
  6. When I click on the Bing link, all I get is a picture of the "Kibble Palace" in Glascow and a search box??

    I personally consider Bing to be Microsoft's insidious trojan horse, and never, ever use it. Am I paranoid? Probably, but it is a pity that low and suspicious feelings so often turn out to be justified.
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  7. One may Google for "Ellora' and view all the images. Here the interest is in the 16th Cave of kailasnath. SP.
  8. I read the article in Wikipedia. It looks like a very impressive site, especially considering it is carved in stone!

    Adding this place to the wish list, if I ever get to visit India again.

    Did you take pictures of the temple?
  9. Prasanna, could you please tell me whether the gigantic bee hive attached up to the back wall of Kailash is still in place? It is (was) at least two centuries old, by far the largest and oldest hive in the world at as astonishing as Kailash itself. When I was there last time a few years ago, I heard they were talking about taking it down, for fear it would eventually fall to the ground of its own and millions of angy bees would bo berserk amongst the tourists. Thanks
  10. bonsignore_ezio, Hi!
    I could not get much information on the bee hive. A few travellers have mentioned it in their review of the visit. One of them was stung by two bees. So it does seem to exist. There are no recent details about the size, maintenance, etc. Regards, sp.

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