Elinchrom Dlite4 or Style monos?

Discussion in 'Lighting Equipment' started by dreamtimestudio, Apr 20, 2009.

  1. <p>Hi guys
    I already have a few of the older Elinchrom 500w monos and a style 300w, I'm about to replace some of th
    e older 500's with new digital Elinchroms. I've had a look at both the specs for the style and dlite4's and as far as I c
    an tell the only real difference is the flash duration, recycle time and an extra stop of adjustment. I can live with all of
    those flaws but have noticed that the Dlite uses different tubes to the styles and am wondering if there will be a
    color difference between the Dlite tubes and the other Elinchrom
    Has anyone used both of these lights before and is it worth paying twice as much for a
  2. I owned the the DL's for a short while and traded them up for 400BX's.
    I just liked the better build and the tilt mechanism was stronger as well.
    Heavy modifiers and DL's don't often mix well.
    POTN talks quite a bit about this very subject...

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