Elimination of the digital alterations category

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Should the digital alterations category been eliminated in pn 2.0>

  1. absolutely yes

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  2. no

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  1. I didn’t know about the rule but I’ve had a picture of my face up on photo.net for 14 years and Jackie Robinson was one of my favorite players. It was only temporary, i didn't think anyone would make a fuss.
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  2. It appears no PN administrator or moderator is making a fuss either about using other people's photos or copyright protected commercial images (i.e. Mickey Mouse, The Grinch, etc.) as a PN avatar.

    Since we now can have avatars in the new PN 2.0, I think it needs to be made clear. Maybe it's deemed fair use.
  3. PapaTango

    PapaTango I See Things

    I wouldn't worry about it David, avatars are the least of our worries! Maybe I should update mine. That photo was taken right after the accident, and the doctors managed to extract the Yashica from my head... :confused:
  4. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    As already answered - I expect that unless changed the Terms of Use and User Guidelines apply to the publication of one's Avatar (previously the image that appeared on the Bio Page).

    Not that there needs to be any fuss about it. It is simply the rule - possibly confusion though with the advent of the Avatar use.

    Hopefully it is clear now.

  5. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

  6. Nothing changed as of yet but i was told it has to go to another area to get added. I would assume everyone at pn is busy and trying to make this a better site. But best for photographers is that the images have much better resolution, range and color fidelity which was sorely lacking in pn 1.0...regards....David
  7. David, have you given up baseball? (Just kidding)
  8. Not according to this thread I started on image quality unless you consider better resolution to mean lack of sharpness...

  9. Could you post a screenshot here of one of your images that shows what you consider increase in resolution, range (?) and color fidelity?

    I'm trying to see if this is my low bandwidth with AT&T or my turning off Adobe Flash in PN preferences. Something has definitely gone down hill in image quality of my uploads than what I experienced in PN v1.

    It also doesn't happen on other photo websites forums I visit.

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