elicar V-HQ MEDICAL MACRO 90 mm f/2.5

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by alejandro_de_la_garza, Jul 17, 2006.

  1. I would like to know if someone can help me with this lens, In wich DIGITAL
    camera can fit this lens ?

    Dr. Alejandro de la Garza
  2. Do you know what camera the lens was previously used with or can you post a picture of the lens mount?
    As far as I know, Elicars were third party lenses made in a variety of different lens mounts so it is very difficult to tell without looking at the lens or knowing what camera it was used with. You could also compare your lens' mount with the ones shown here.
    Depending on the mount, it may not work at all with a digital camera or have almost full functionality (except autofocus, of course, unless it is an autofocus lens).
  3. Elicar was a 3rd party manufacturer, and did make lenses for multiple brands, including Nikon, Canon (FD mount), Minolta, Pentax, etc...

    This particular lens is a manual focus lens, and a very good one -- in the same league as the other excellent 90mm macro lenses -- Vivitar, Tokina, Tamron.

    You might want to ask the seller which mount this one is for.

  4. This answer is 1.5 year too late. If this lens came from an Elicar ES1 medical camera, it has a K-mount. It is best to use this lovely lens with a Pentax DSLR. You do need to modify the built-in ring flash sync cable. This flash has a negative -5V sync voltage which doesn't work with modern body. A simple cut and swap wire operation should do the trick :)

    Once you done that, the whole set up is like the old Elicar medical camera set-up. Focus and press shutter release and everything from 1:12 to 2:1 magnification will be all work out in a very compact set up and great optical quality too.

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