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  1. Just got my new E15 and have installed it.... BUT, I really want to change the color on the work space.... Anyone know if that is even possible to do that?... if it's possible how do I do it?
  2. Open an image in the editor then right click on an area outside the image and you'll get options to change the colour.
    This is how I do it on my Mac-if you're on a pc I imagine it will be the same.
    Try it and see.
    cb :)
  3. Found this online:
    While working on varied types of images sometimes we would like to change the gray workspace color in Photoshop Elements (PSE) Editor. Here are easy steps to change the color:
    1. Launch PSE Editor.
    2. Open any image.
    3. Right click on gray workspace area in PSE when you will see below screen:
    4. Choose either Black or click on Custom to set any other as per your choice.
    I just tried this; it works!
  4. Charles, you obviously didn't need to research this matter. Kudos!
  5. "Charles, you obviously didn't need to research this matter. Kudos!"
    Hi Michael-as I use Elements (and have for a number of years), I sometimes find it useful to change the colours-usually back and forth between grey or black-so I knew the answer.Photo.net remains a great place to share knowledge!
    cb :)
  6. Points well taken, Charles. Thanks.
  7. Charles.... Michael
    Thank You! (Will test this tomorrow after work and I'm pretty sure it will work for me too)
  8. Hi Kari-thanks for posting back. Please let us know how it went. cb :)

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