Electronic flash with Graphlex Optar

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by frank_dineen, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. I have a f4.5 135mm optar lens with two pin flash connection.
    How do I adapt this for a modern electronic flash unit?

  2. pje


    Get a bipost sync cable. Get a bipost sync cable. Paramount Cords has them.
  3. An electric shaver cord or a TV cheater cord has the same posts. But is your shutter X or M
    or both for synch?
  4. pvp


    You need X sync for electronic flash. If your shutter has only M sync, it will fire before the shutter is fully open.

    Once you have the right connector for the bipole, you can buy adapters or just cobble the ends of two cords together; there're no fancy electronics involved. If you roll your own, be sure to insulate all the connections; the voltages that some flashes put onto the sync cord can be impressive...
  5. *Every* old press-camera shutter I've ever come across will do X-sync, if it does any sort of sync at all. (The focal-plane shutter on a Speed Graphic, obviously, being an exception.) If, as I suspect, yours is a 1-1/400 Graphex shutter with a bix "(X)" on it - an 'X' in parentheses - then it *only* does X-sync, and you've no worries. Otherwise, you get X sync by setting it to 'M', and not cocking the synchronizer. Easy. :)
  6. See "kodak ektar bipost question" from earlier in this month, at

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